Left tightly bound and gagged the debutantes searched for an escape route

100 photos; 10:05 video

~Nyxon~ & ~Chrissy Daniels~

bondage, Damsel in Distress, rope bondage, shiny satin, high heels, upskirt, glamour gowns, tied elbows, crushed elbows, reverse prayer, struggling, gagged girl, ball gag, escape attempt, bound running, BDSM


Left brutally bound on the floor in an old warehouse in their evening dresses, Nyxon and Chrissy Daniels began to wake up. Nyxon was the first to wake up and realized that she and her friend were in some real trouble. She kicked over at the still napping Chrissy to try to wake her up as well. Chrissy began to stir and Nyxon looked at her poor arms. They were already turning purple from the tight restrictive ropes that crushed her elbows completely together behind her back and bound her wrists. Nyxon could feel her arms twisted painfully up in back of her with her wrists tied up just below the back of her neck. Ropes pulled her elbows close together pushing her hands up higher. She noticed that poor Chrissy had a large red ball gag strapped tightly between her teeth and she realized she too had a similair one strapped tightly in her mouth as well. The girls looked at each otehr and cried, but Nyxon knew there was no time for tears they had to try to find a way out. Luckily whoever left them here like this neglected to tie their ankles. Nyxon struggle to her feet and encouraged Chrissy to do so as well. She looked around the large warehouse looked for a way out. She sees a heavy metal door on the other side of the room and headed for it with Chrissy following behind. She pushed on the door and was relieved when is slide easily on its rollers and opened. Then then found themselves in another large room strewn with piles of debis and old machines. Nyxon looked around to make sure that there were no guard and looked for an exit. The girls found a stairway the lead down and carefully made their way down the stairs. It was scary walking down the stairs in stiletto heels and without the use of their arms. Once down stairs they found themselves in a long corridor, peeking around each corner then creep around looking for a way out or some help. They wandered around running into locked door and ends. Nyxon could no longer feel her arms and Chrissy's arms throbbed and turned more colors. The girls were exhausted and frustrated and needed a rest. So they collapse on the dirty floor in their elegant soiled gowns crying in despair.

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