Slutty secretary has her big tits ziptied for bound orgasms

131 photos; 12:49 video

~Nadia White~

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Slutty secretary Nadia had over endulged in adult beverages at her boyfriends office party. She got in a fight with him and he left early because she was flirting and being a total slut with his coworkers. Now with no ride home she ending up alone and still sloshed, but one of the building's janitors found her and promised to take her to another party with him. Nadia loved to party and didn't want to go home. The Janitor takes her to his house and helps her inside. Still under the influence Nadia is acting silly and flirty with the stranger. She wants to know where all the people are and he promises her that the party will begin so when his other guests arrive. Nadia smiles when he pulls out a bundle of nylon cable zipties. He tells her that he wants to play a little bondage game with her and Nadia giggles and laughs telling him that she loves kinky games. He pulls her hands behind her back and laughs as he zipties her wrists and elbows helplessly together behind her back. She stumbles around in her stiletto heels with her arms ziptied behind her back and lets him unbutton her satin blouse. He grabs her big tits then pushes her onto the sofa. More zipties are pulled tight around her slender ankles and knees as Nadia head begins to clear. She begins to bitch and complain as she can now feel the zipties biting into her flesh, she tells him that she has changed her mind she wants to go home. He laughs as he zipties her stiletto heels on her feet, Nadia cries in pain begging him to please cut her loose and bring her home now. But he has other plans, he pulls her close and begins to rub and caress her bound body, Nadia gets pissed and demands that he stop or she will scream. But when she opens her mouth to scream for help he stuffs an old bandanna into her mouth and then seals her mouth shut with layers of shiny black tape. Nadia begs and cries through her gag as he manhandles her tits then pulls out more zipties. She watches in horror as he wraps the zipties around her big tits and pulls them tight. The nylon bites deep into the soft flesh around the base of her tits and then begins to swell and bulge like two overripe melons. Nadia pulls desperately at her arms but they are helplessly bound behind her back. The man then wraps more zipties around both of her bound swollen tits and zipties them tightly together. He isn't finished with her tits as still another ziptied is passed between her bound swollen tits and wrapped around the zipties binding her tits together. She cries in pain as her ziptied boobs are cinched together with the last ziptie. Nadia can barely move now and he pulls out a wand vibrator. He laughs and tells her that he needs to warm her up for the party and begins to vibe and stimulate her pussy with the vibrator. Nadia pulls desperately at her bondage but it is hopeless there is nothing she can do to stop her from using and abusing her body. And the vibrator begins to have effect on her despite the tight bondage. Her protests turn to moans as her pussy get wet and an orgasms begins to build up inside her. Nadia fights her restaints but that only intesifies her orgams as her pussy explodes and she cums hard. The janitor laughs and calls her a slut and ties the vibraotor to her pussy. He tells her to keep herself entertained while they await his other guests. He moves her to the floor and pulls the ziptie around her elbows tight. Nadia grunts through her gag as her elbows kiss behind her back then he leaves her tightly bound and gagged with the vibrator tightly tied to her pussy. Nadia moans through her gag as another orgasm builds up inside her pussy, the zipties biting deep in her flesh.

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