Tied over a rail for cruel crotch rope pussy torment

69 photos; 7:03 video

~Carmen Valentina~

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With her hands tied behind her back and a big red ballgag jammed between her teeth hot curvy Carmen struggles with the Hunter as he drags her into his lair. Her stiletto heels scrape and slide across the hard wood floors fights to break free, but in the end she is overpowered and pushed up with her back against a horizontal pipe rail. The Hunter ties a rope to her bound wrists then tethers her bound wrist to a ring mounted on the wall behind her. Carmen can't move around the pipe with her wrists pulling her back over the pipe. The Hunter ties another rope around her right ankles then pulls her foot over to an upright pipe and lashes it in place. Carmen desperately and defiantly tries to resist as he ties another rope around her left ankles. But once again her resistance if futile as he overpowers her and lashes her other ankle to the other pipe, spreading her legs wide apart. He takes a moment to pull her tits out of her shiny party dress and manhandles and plays with them. Then a rope is tied around her slender waist and pulled down between her legs and buried deep in her panties. Carmen begs and pleads through the big red ball gag jammed between her teeth as the Hunter pulls a chain down from an overhead pulley and attaches it to her crotch rope. She screams, begs and cries as he presses the button on the remote controller engaging the electric motor attached to the chain. She watches in horror as the slack is slowly pulled out of the chain and then begins to pull on her crotch rope. She can feel the crotch rope bite deep into her pussy as it slices deeper into her panties. She is forced to arch her back and stretch as the crotch rope is pulled tighter and tighter. The Hunter leaves her alone to suffer in the brutal crotch rope, any movement causes the rope to saw itself deeper into her poor pussy.

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