Priggish debutante bound with zipties and blindfolded defies her captor

98 photos; 8:09 video

~Vanessa Luxx~

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Priggish debutante Vanessa is pushed onto the sofa by her captor with her hands bound behind her back in zipties. She is confused and disoriented with a blindfold wrapped over her eyes. A torn sheet is pulled deep between her lips and wrapped tightly around her face to keep her quiet. Her captor orders her to stay on the sofa and not to move while he awaits her ransom. He tells her that things can get much worse if she gives him any trouble. Vanessa hears him leave the room and defiantly decides that she isn't going to comply. She is pissed and pulls at the tight ziptie that cuts into her wrists. Vanessa struggles to her feet and feels around the room with her stiletto heels. she is determined to escape from her captors if she can only find the door. She feels around the room blindly using her feet and her bound hands listening for any clue to where the door is. She shuffles along the wall completely disoreinted and stomps her foot in fustration. She doesn't here her captor return and doesn't know he is there until he grabs her arms and scolds her for her defiance. He tells her that know he has to make her a little less comfortable to prevent her from giving him any more trouble. He pushes her onto the sofa and grabs another ziptie. Vanessa protests through her gag as her ankles are ziptied tightly together. She then feels as more zipties are wrapped around her shoulders and run down to her hands. He feds the ziptie through the zipties binding her wrists together. He pulls the ziptie tight pulling her bound hands up to the center of her back. He moves her to the floor and runs another ziptie from her wrists to her ankles and pulls her into a strict hogtie. He leaves her alone and struggling helplessly on the floor bound, gagged and cruelly hogtied to await her ransom.

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