The Hunter is a cruel yoga instructor

101 photos; 8:00 video


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It time for busty raven hair Nyxon's yoga class and she is a very reluctant student. The Hunter pushes her into the living room with her arms already prepared in a strict reverse prayer with her wrists tied together with rope and her hands pushed up high between her shouler blade. More rope circles her arms, chest and shoulders holding her hands in the proper position. A big red ball gag is jammed between her teeth to keep her quiet and allow for quiet meditation. The Hunter feels that Nyxon needs more training and insists on prolonged meditation periods. He ties another rope around her tiny waist then pulls it down between her legs and buries it deep in her panties. He sits her on the floor and crosses her ankles over each other in a lotus postition and ties her booted ankles tightly together. The her bound booted ankles are tied to her crotch rope to insure her legs remain in the proper folded lotus position. Nyxon begs and sobs through her gag as he wraps more ropes around her biceps. He tells her that she can do much better with that reverse prayer and he is here to help. He wants her finger tips to touch the base of her skull. So he pulls the ropes tight around her biceps, pressing her elbows closer together at the small of her back and pushing her hands up higher behind her back until her finger tips touch the back of her head. He rolls her over onto her back and checks the ropes to insure she can't move then rolls her back over onto her ass. He feels that she still has a little too much freedom of movement, she can't possibly acheive nirvana unless she is totally still. So another rope is tied to her bound wrists then run over her shoulders and tied around her bound booted ankles. Nyxon moans and groans through her gag as her poor body is twisted and bent into a tight little ball. She can barely move much more then her fingers as the Hunter leaves and tells her that he will return after she has a  proper hour of meditation and relection.

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