CSI on Peril

9:23 video

staring Ava

bondage, damsel in distress, satin, high heels, upskirt, pantyhose, gagged, duct tape gag, rope, struggling, tied elbows, lift and carry BDSM


Sexy blond investigator Ava walks around the crime scene taking pictures. She was told the case was closed but struck out on her own to prove her theory. She kneels to take a close-up photo when she is jumped from behind. He wrestles her to the floor and they roll around struggling. But he over powers her and pulls her wrists behind her back. Ava fights and screams but there is no one to hear her. She breaths hard fighting on the filthy floor getting dirt on her face and clothes. He then pulls her ankles up and crosses and ties them tightly together. He then stuffs a rag into her mouth and silences her screams sealing her mouth shut with strips of duct tape. He grabs more rope and Ava grunts in pain as he lashes her elbows competely together behind her back He picks her up and sits her on cart, more ropes are wrapped around her chest, waist and arms pinning her arms helplessly behind her back. He leaves her there struggling helplessly on the cart but with her ankles crossed and tightly tied she can't get up and hop away. She struggles to try to find some slack in the ropes but they are tied too tightly. She is still sitting there helpless when the thug returns. He picks her up and tosses her over her shoulder and carries her off into the darkness as she screams into her gag struggling. 

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