Hapless baby sitter tied up by the girl & found by the creepy handiman

123 photos; 12:03 video

~Honey Dew~

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Pretty Aunt Honey sits on the sofa explaining to her boy friend why she won't be coming to the beach house party this weekend. Seems her siser got called out of town on business and didn't have a babysitter, so Honey is stuck watching her bratty nieces all weekend. The girls are being especially bratty because they want to go to a big pajama party with their friends but Lexi has strict orders not to let the girls go out since they are being grounded. She finishes her phone call and calls for the girls to come and bring her some water. The girls show up with the water and hand it to their pretty Aunt. Honey tells them to stop giggling being grounded isn't funny and then dismisses then to go back to their room. They leave but are still giggling and laughing. Honey is wondering what they can be up to, the way they were giggling told her that it must be no good. She drinks the water and notices it has a slight bitter after taste. She knows she needs to go check on the girls and find out what they are up to. But when she tries to stand suddenly the room starts spinning and she feels nausuous. Honey's legs get weak and rubbery, she falls back onto the soft feeling weird, she can barely keep her eyes open then everything goes black. 


Honey awakens sometime later still feeling groggy and weird, she tries to reach up to rub her head but her arms won't cooperate. She looks down to see her legs fused together and bound with ropes tied around her ankles and knees. Then she feels the tight ropes slicing deep into the soft flesh around her upper arms and around her slender wrists. She can feel her elbows kiss behind her back and realizes the girls must have spiked her water then tied her up when she blacked out. Honey calls for the girls to get back in here and untie her but her calls are answered with more giggling and laughing. Honey struggles helplessly on the soft, demanding that they untie her immediately. She finally hears them coming but when she looks up they are carrying their napping bags and back packs heading for the slumber party that they were forbidden to attend. Honey screams at them in anger and frustration as they head out the door. The door slams, the little brats had left their pretty Aunt bound and helpless for the weekend. Honey pulls desperately at the ropes but they are extremely tight there is no way of freeing herself. She struggles onto the floor, maybe she can crawl to the kitchen to find something to cut her bonds. She falls over onto her side and grunts in pain, then sees the neighborhood handiman outside cleaning the pool. Honey calls for help but he can't hear her through the think glass door. She struggles crawling across the floor to get closer to the glass. She calls again and sees him stop working, she bangs her forehead on the glass and he finally looks her way and comes over. She hears him ask if everything is alright, Honey begs him to help her, she tells him that the door is open and to come inside she needs his help. But man comes in and sees the pretty girl bound and helpless at his feet. He asks what happened and picks poor Honey up and sits her back on the sofa. Honey explains that her nieces had tied her up so that they could go to a weekend slumber party and that her sister will be gone all weekend as well. If it weren't for him finding her she might be facing a long painful weekend bound and helpless, The man looks at the ropes crushing her elbows togethe and tries to untie the knots, but then tells her that the girls super glued the knots, he needs to find something to cut the rope. Honey is left tightly bound on the sofa as he goes to the kitchen, she tells him how greatful she is that he was there because no one would find her all weekend. He returns and sit next to her, Honey begs him to please hurry and cut the ropes, she can barely feel her hands. But instead of cutting the ropes he begins to touch and caress her cheek. Honey is appalled and tries to pull away, he asks her again when her sister plans on returning but Honey realizes that she has already said too much. She tries to scream for help but he is ready for her. As she opens her mouth he stuffs an old bandanna into her mouth and packs it in tight. Then he pulls a roll of black electrical tape out of his pocket and pulls it between her lips and wraps it tightly around her head. The bandanna is packed in tighter by the tape pulled between her lips. Honey tries to scream and call for help but her screams are effectively muffled by the gag. He grabs her and pulls her onto his lap, Honey tries to squirm and struggle to get away but as he grabs and rubs her tightly bound body. She begs through her gag for him to please stop but he tells her that he has plans for a nice weekend alone with her. He looks down to see more rope left scatter on the floor by the girls. He picks up the rope and tells poor Honey that he is going to go out for a while to get some beer and refreshments for the weekend. But he needs to tie her a little tighter in case she manages to escape while he is gone. He wraps more rope around her shoulders, chest and arms, pinning her bound arms to her back. He move her to the floor and ties a rope to her bound stiletto heels and then bends her legs and pulls her into a strict hogtie. Honey can feel her stiletto heels pulled up to her hands as he ties the knots. The man gets up and tells her he will be back soon and then they can get to know each other better. He leave poor Honey bound, gagged and helplessly hogtied on the floor. Honey sobs and cries through her gag as she hears him leave, she pulls desperately at the rope but there is no slack. The hogtie is pulled bowstring tight, she loses all hope of escape. 

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