Cuffed to a pole with her tortured tits cuffed, clamped & stretched in chains

48 photos; 9:30 video

~Lexi Lane~

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Pretty neighbor girl Lexi struggles in the lair bound to a steel pole by handcuffs locked around her wrists and elbows. The tight steel cuffs bite deep into the soft leather of her shoulder length oprea gloves imprisoning her arms behind the pole. A big red ball gag is jammed between her teeth speading her jaws painfully open and keeping her quiet. Lexi pulls at the tight cuffs as she circles to the pole in hope of finding something to free herself with. But freedom isn't in her future as the Hunter comes in with more cuffs. He cuffs her booted ankles together and binds them with the chain between the cuffs to the base of the pole. He leaves her struggling at the post to get more cuffs. He returns and pulls her big tits out of her skin tight shiny vinyl dress. Lexi begs and pleads through her gag as he clamps the jaws of a set of leg shackles around the base of her breasts. The tight steel cuffs bited deep into the soft flesh around the base of her tits, causing them to swell and mushroom. Lexi eyes go wild in terror as he pulls out a set of steel nipple clamps. She bites down on her ball gag in pain as her poor swollen nipples are crushed in the steel jaws of the nipple clamps. He then attaches a chain running down from an overhead pulley to the chain between her cuffed swollen tits. Lexi begs and cries through her gag as he presses the button on the remote engaging the electric winch attached to the chain. Lexi screams into her gag as her bound, swollen tits are pulled and stretched up to the ceiling. The tight steel cuffs bite deeper into her tits as they are pulled and stretched. He leaves her struggling in the steel bondage. Lexi tries desperately to reach her cuffed hands around her body and reach the nipple clamps. But with her elbows cuffed she can't reach around enough to get to the clamps. She sobs and cries in pain and despair as she gives up hope of saving her poor throbbing tits.

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