Busty heiress kept contorted, bound & gagged by her creepy uncle

77 photos; 7:09 video


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Busty raven haired heiress Nyxon sits out by her pool cruelly bound and gagged. She struggles desperately in the ropes fusing her shapely legs tightly together. Her arms are totally useless too her, twisted cruelly up with her hands pushed up between her shoulder blades and her elbows pulled in close at the small of her back with ropes circling her arms, chest and shoulders. To top it all off an old torn sheet is pulled between her lips, pulling the corners of her mouth back and wrapped tightly around her head keeping her from calling for help. She couldn't believe someone could do this to another no less a close relative, her own Uncle Jim. Nyxon rolls over onto her arms and kicks her legs in the air and twists her feet trying to work the ropes free from her slender ankles. But the knots are too expertly tied, he even tied ropes under her heels to keep her from kicking her stiletto heels off her feet. Then she hears him coming out and looks to see him coming to her, Nyxon hopes he has had a change of heart and has come to free her from these horrid ropes. But he sits on the sofa near her and grabs her feet and pulls them into his laps. As he checks the knots to insure she hasn't work anything loose he begins to scold her. He tells her that he is sorry that he has to keep her bound and gagged like this, that it is for her own good. If she would just be reasonable and comply with the families wishes she could be free. He tells her that he knows about her plans to marry the handsome bartender from the resort but he just can't allow it, not so long as he is trustee of her grandfather's estate. Sure the money is all hers but he can't allow her to whittle it away and marrying some low life frat boy she met at a bar. Nyxon protests through her gag as he scolds her, so he unties the gag and pulls it from her mouth. NYxon demands that he free her immediately, she is an adult and can marry who she pleases and spend her money anyway she wants. Uncle Jim calls her a silly girl and tells her if she can't be reasonable then he is just going to have to keep her bound and gagged until she sees things his way. He pulls a pair of her panties out if his pocket and stuffs them deep in her mouth. He tells her that he has to go out for a while and needs to insure that she wouldn't be distrubing the neighbors with her screams for help. Once the panties are packed tight in her mouth he grabs a roll of black elastic wrap and pulls it between her lips. He wraps it tightly around her head pulling the corners of her mouth back and forcing her mouth open. Once her gag is tightly wrapped he pulls out a roll of shiny black tape and wraps it tightly over the elastic wrap, telling her that now there is no way she can dislodge the gag. He pulls her to her knees and then wraps more rope around her biceps, Nyxon grunts in pain through the gag as he pulls her elbows in closer together at the small of her back, pushing her hands up high to the base of her skull. He then ties another rope between her bound stiletto heels and rolls her onto her belly on the floor. The rope is then run from her stiletto heels to the ropes wrapped around her twisted arms. Uncle Jim pulls Nyxon's shapely legs into a cruel hogtied. He tells her that he is sorry about this but it really is for her own good. Once she is reasonable then they can discuss the rope bondage situation, but until then she will be kept bound and gagged. He leaves her sobbing and crying helplessly hogtied on the ground in the sinister reverse prayer.

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