Busty full-figured party girl gets herself into a brutal hogtie

91 photos; 9:56 video

~Gia Love~

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Busty full-figured Cuban party girl Gia consumed too many adult beverages at the office Xmas party. Her boyfriend left her there because she was too flirty with his coworkers and became obnoxious with him. Stuck at the party Gia found a ride with the janitor, he promised her that he knew where there was a better party and invited her to go with him. Gia was having too much fun and didn't want to go home so she left with the janitor. They arrive at his house with Gia slumped on his shoulder as her stumbles into the house. She looks around and asks where the party is? He tells her that it is still early and the other guests will arrive soon. He tells her that they need to prepare as he pulls out a pile of rope, he tells her that it is a kinky party and all the girls will be attending with their arms tied behind their backs. Gia giggles as he pulls her to her feet, she tells him that she likes bondage. He wraps the ropes around her biceps then pulls the ropes tight slamming her elbows together behind her back. With her elbows kissing he tells her to put on a little dance for him. Gia begins to dance around with her arms tied behind her back and tells him that they need some party music. He then pulls out more rope and ties her wrists tightly together, Gia's head begins to clear as he pushes her onto the sofa and wraps more rope around her slender ankles. She protests as he cinches her ankles tightly together and tells him that she has had enough. She demands to know where the party is and he tells her that the other men will arrive soon and that she will be the party favor. Gia pulls at the ropes and damands that he untie her now and bring her home. But it is too late he pulls an old bandanna out of his pocket and stuffs it into her mouth. The he seals her mouth shut with layer of shiny black tape. Gia screams and protest through her gag as he pulls her huge tits out of her dress and grabs and manhandles them. He tells her that she will be the best entertainment yet and she will be making him a lot of money. He grab more rope and pushes her onto her knees. He tells her that he needs to get more refreshments for the party and will be leaving her alone for a little while. More ropes are wrapped around her shoulders, chest and arms. Gia screams through her gag in protest as he pushes her onto the floor and brutally hogties her. He leaves the silly girl bound, gagged and hogtied on the floor struggling in the brutally tight ropes. Gia sobs and cries through her gag as she pulls desperately at the ropes. But they are pulled bowstring tight, she can barely move, about all she can do is roll onto her side and belly and even that requires a lot of struggling.

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