Silly redhead party girl gets tied up for forced orgasms

119 photos; 10:09 video

~Kitty Quinn~

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Sexy redhead Kitty stumbles into the Hunter's home using his shoulder for support as she has had a little too much adult beverages at the office party. She had excepted his invite to come home with him for to continue the fun with an all night after party. He leads her over to the sofa and begins to fondle her as she looks around for the other guests. He tells her that they are coming soon but then need to prepare, Kitty looks confused then he tells her that it is a kinky party and pulls out some rope. Kitty holds her hands out in front of her placing her wrists together with her hands palm to palm. She giggles as he wraps the ropes around her slender wrists and cinches them tightly together. Kitty tells him that she likes begin tied up sometimes but not too tight. She admires her bound wrists as he ties her booted ankles together then ties her knees. Kitty's head begins to clear and she realizes that she doesn't know where she is and feels stupid for lettting some strange weird guy tie her up. She tell him that she has changed her mind and wants to go home. But he doesn't listen and ties another rope between her bound hands and then runs the rope thought the ropes binding her knees tightly together. She protests as he ties her wrists tightly to her bound knees and cinches the ropes tight. She informs him that he had better let her go know or he is going to be in big trouble. But the Hunter is tired of listening to her bitch and complain and pulls an old bandanna out of his pocket and stuffs it into her big mouth. Kitty tries to scream but it is too late her screams are muffled by the tight packing stuffed deep in her mouth. He then ties the bandanna in her mouth by pulling a torn sheet between her lips and wrapping it around her head. The tight tied sheet pushes the bandanna deep in her mouth keeping her from spitting it out. He grabs more rope and wraps it around her elbows then ties her elbows to her belly by wrapping the rope aorund her tiny waist. With her hands fused to her knees and her elbows crushed together and cinched to her belly Kitty is completely helples. The Hunter gropes and fondles her before lowering her to the floor. He grabs a wand vibrator and rolls her onto her back. The head of the vibrator is pulls between her thighs and press up against her pussy. Kitty pulls desperately at the ropes as her pussy is vibed and stimulated. She moans through her gag as her pussy gets wet from the stimulation, he calls her a slut and grabs more rope and ties the vibrator in place between her legs. Her booted ankles are then tied back to the ropes around her waist leaving her bound in a tight little ball with the wand vibrator relentlessly stimulating her pussy. Kitty struggles desperately on the floor, pulling at the ropes as her pussy get wetter and wetter and she feels an orgasm building up deep inside her. She tries to fight it off but the stimulation is too much and the tight ropes and feeling of helplessness intensifies the feelings. She screams into her gag as the first of many orgasms explodes in her pussy. He body flexes and pulls at the ropes as she cums. Kitty's head is in a fog as she begins to recover for the intense orgasm, she moans through her gag that she has had enought but the vibrator continues its relently work on her pussy and she can already feel another one building up inside her.

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