Blonde bimbo taped up tight

7:16 video

~Carissa Montgomery~ 

bondage, damsel in distress, tape bondage, high heels, upskirt, taped elbows, crushed elbows, rope, struggling, BDSM


Sexy blond Carissa Montgomery stands on a small platform with her arms bound behind her back with black electrical tape. Her elbows are pulled tightly together and her wrists are bound. A rag is stuffed into her mouth and more black electrical tape is wrapped around her head and between her lips holding the rag in place. But what worries her the most is that her neck is tethered to an overhead hanging chain. The Hunter comes in with more tape as she cries and begs. He ignores her whining and starts to wrap her arms completely with the tape. Starting with her wrists he wraps the tape up her arms fusing her forearm together completely mummifing her arms with the black tape. Then he moves down to her sexy long legs. He binds her knees together with the tape then her ankles. Carissa begins to trembles and shake in terror as her legs are taped up. She struggles to maintain her balance on the platform to keep around her neck from tightening. Her legs are mummified as well from her ankles to her thighs. She feels her legs begin to buckle and doesn't know how much longer she can keep her balance.  The Hunter tne removes the rope from around her throat and carries her over and places her on the floor. But then her finishes her legs and to her relief he unties her neck the from the chain and lifts her off the platform and lies her on the floor. He leaves Carissa exhausted from her ordeal and struggling and sobbing on the floor.

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