Hapless blonde secretary left bound, gagged & hogtied deep in the forest

102 photos; 9:06 video

~Whitney Morgan~

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Pretty blonde secretary Whitney struggles to open her eyes, she can hear the sound of birds and incects chirping in her ears. She slowly opens her eyes to discover that is laying on the ground surounded by trees and under growth. Whitney tries to reach up to rub her aching head but her arms won't cooperate, then she feels the tight ropes that bited deep into her flesh. She looks down at her legs to see her nylon stockings ruined and torn with runs, but run stockings is the least of her problems, it is the tight ropes wrapped around her ankles and knees fusing her legs tightly together. Her poor arms are pulled behind her back bound with tight ropes around her upper arms and wrists. Her thin silk blouse offers her poor arms scant protection from the brutally tight ropes that crush her elbows together behind her back, with more ropes slicing deep into her wrist bones her forearms are fused together into a single unit. She tries to scream for help but her screams are muffled and mutted by a tight cloth pulled deep between her teeth, pulling the corners of her mouth back and tied behind her head. She struggles to sit up and looks around but can hear nothing but the sounds of the forest. She knows she needs to get free of these damned tight ropes before whoever took her returns. The last thing she remembered is getting off work early and getting into her car. Before she could even start the engine a foul smelling chemical soaked rag was clamped over her mouth and nose the back seat. The chemical fumes burned her eyes and lungs as she struggled to breath. It didn't take long before everything went black and she woke up her in the forest tightly bound and gagged. Whitney pulls desperately at the ropes but there is no way she is going to work them free, the ropes cut deep into her flesh, there is no escape. She crawls over to a tree and thinks that maybe of she rubs the ropes against the tree she can work up enough friction to cut them off. But when she gets into position to try she quickly realizes that she doesn't have enough freedom move her arms fast enough to work. She sobs and cries in frustration into her gag. She then realizes that her only hope is to crawl through the forest bound and gagged to find help. She begins her slow, tedious crawl but every inch is makes is exhausting. But she can't give up, then she hears the sound of foot steps coming through the forest. She turns to see night janitor from the office coming through the forest towards her. Whitney screams for help through her gag in hopes that he will see her and rescue her. But her hopes are quickly dashed as her comes right to her and looks down at his helpessly bound captive and laughs. He tells her that he has been watching her for weeks and was only waiting for the right moment to grab her and make her his own. He then bends down and unbuttons her silk blouse to expose her perky tits, Whitney cries and protests through her gag as her grabs and plays with her tits. He tells her that he has been waiting and anticipating this moment for a long time but he doesn't have much time for her right now, He has to get back to work and make everything seem normal. He then pulls more rope out of his pocket and tells her that he is going to have to keep her out in the forest for a few days until the police move on in their investigation. He tells her that he needs to keep her from crawling around too much, he needs to know where to find her when her returns in the morning and he can't leave her to crawl away. He ties a rope to her bound stiletto heels then runs the rope up between her bound elbows. Whitney grunts and cries as her pulls the rope bowstring tight until her stiletto heels are above her bound wrists. The ropes between her wrists and ankles are then cinched tightly together leaving poor Whitney in a brutally tight hogtie. He gets up and looks down at her helplessly hogtied beauty. Whitney lays on her side as she watches him walk away leaving her bound and helpless with no way to defend herself from the forest creatures. Whitney screams for help into her gag, she can't beleive he would leave her alone like this. She struggles with the ropes and realizes that there will be no crawling away now. She can barely even roll over. She stuggles and strains just to roll back over onto her belly. But that is about it she is alone and helpless deep in the forest with no chance of escape.

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