Cellar captive bound for the night

19 photos; 7:58 video

~Candle Boxx~ 

bondage, damsel in distress, rope, high heels, satin blouse, upskirt, gagged girl, tape gagged, tied elbows, crushed elbows, struggling, strappado, balltied, the pit, BDSM


Poor Candle has no idea how long she had been left hanging by her wrists in the Hunter's cellar. Her shoulders and back were on fire from being twisted and immoblized for so long. Her elbows and wrists were fused cruelly together with ropes and strung up behind her to a ring on the overhead beam. Her ankles and knees were tied and a rope ran over her shoulders from her knees to her elbows keeping her from straightening her back. Finally she heard the Hunter come back down and she moans and begs into her gag to be untied. But he isn't in any hurry to let her down. Instead he pulls open her blouse exposing her tits to the cold dank air of the basement. He releases the rope that is passed over her shoulder allowing her to finally straighten up some although her wrists are still pulled up and back to the ceiling. He then pulls out some clothes pins and attaches them to her nipples. Her wrists are then released from the strappado and she is force to hop over to a door. When he opens the door she looks inside in terror, there are dried bones and spider webs in the dirt pit. He forces her inside and puts her on her knees. Her wrists are then pulled back up to the ceiling and attached to another ring. Her neck is then tied down to a ring mounted on the floor of the pit. She looses her high heel pumps as she struggles. But it is hopeless as he leaves her there alone promising to return in the morning.

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