The Lottery Winner

51 photos; 22:35 video

~Crystal Frost~ with Katie Love

bondage, damsel in distress, rope, high heels, satin blouse, on screen gagging, cleave gagged, tied elbows, crushed elbows, struggling, upskirt, hogtied, bound in car, stripped of clothes, strappado, BDSM


Katie Love sits in her friend Crystal Star's living room waiting for her to come home. Katie is pissed off because she and Crystal have been pooling their money for years on the lottery. And now she found out that one of their tickets won a jackpot a few weeks ago and Crystal has the ticket and has been avoiding Katie. When Crystal walks in Katie immediately sees that Crystal is surprised and scared. Katie demands that she hand over the ticket but Crystal denies she has a winning ticket. That is when Crystal is grabbed from behind by Katie's henchman. Crystal is overpowered by the man and held tight while Katie stuffs a silk handichief into her mouth then ties a stretch ace bandage around her mouth and head to keep her from screaming for help. The the man and Katie tie Crystal's arms brutally tight behind her back with ropes crushing her elbows painfully together. Katie pulls Crystal's top open and toys with her tits threatening her if she doesn't give up the ticket. Crystal shakes her head still denying she has the winning ticket. So they wrap a blanket around her and force her outside and stuff her into the back of her SUV. The man hogties Crystal in the back of the SUV crossing her ankles and attaching them to her wrists. Katie and the man then climb into the SUV and drive her way. Crystal struggles helplessly in the back of her SUV not knowing where she is being taken. Katie and her henchman drive poor Crystal to the old warehouse in the back of her new SUV bound and gagged. Then now open the back and release her from her hogtie. The man ties a rope leash around Crystal's neck and hands the leash to Katie. Katie then leads her bound, gagged and helpless friend into the building. Katie forces her to walk up stairs with her arms bound uselessly behind her back. Then into an old elevator to the top floor. Crystal is then lead through the old warehouse by Katie into a special room they have set up. The henchman attaches her rope leash to a hanging chain and then cranks it up tightening the rope around poor Crystal's throat. They then begin to interrogate her again demanding the lottery ticket. But Crystal is defiant and won't give it up and denies having a winning ticket. They then strip her to panties and retie her arms brutally tight behind her back again. Katie removes the gag and tells her she can scream and cry all she wants because no one will hear her. Crystal begs and pleads but still insists that they are wrong about the lottery. The pair have had enough and decide to leave her alone for a while in strict bondage to soften her up. Her neck is freed from the chain but then her wrists are attached and the winch is cranked up pulling her arms up into a painful strappado. They tie her knees tightly together then attach her neck leash to her knees leaving Crystal bent over and helpless. They leave the girl bound and helpless screaming and crying.

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