With her big tits bound in thin leather cords she endures intense bound orgasms

70 photos; 10:05 video

~Luna Dawn~

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Busty MILF Luna struggles in the lair with her arms fused together behind a steel pole. The cruelly tight ropes bite deep into her flesh crushing her poor elbows and wrists tightly together. A big black ball gag that spreads her jaws painfully open is jammed between her teeth. Luna damces around the pole pulling desperately at the ropes in a futile attempt to get free. But escape is impossible and the Hunter comes back with more ropes. He ties a rope around her tiny waist then pulls it down between her legs and buries it deep in her panties, cleaving her pussy in two. The end of the crotch rope is then tied off to her bound wrists so that any struggles will pull the crotch rope deeper into her pussy. He next ties her ankles tightly together and attaches then to the base of the pole. More ropes are looped around her shoulders and the pole fusing her back to the pole. Luna begs, cries and protests as he unzips her skin tight dress and pulls her huge tits free. The Hunter grabs some thin leather cords and begins to bind Luna's big tits with the cords. The thin leather cords slice deep into the soft flesh around the base of her tits, causing then to swell and bulge like two overripe melons. The cords are wrapped around and around her tits like a tourniquet as poor Luna watches in horror as her beautiful tits begin to change colors and throb in pain. Drool begins to flow past her ball gag and drip down on her big tits brutally bound and swollen tits. The Hunter grabs a wand vibrator and ties it to her crotch rope with the head of the vibrator pressed up tight against her pussy. He ties the vibrator down to prevent it from moving and switches it on. Luna jerks in her ropes as her pussy is stimulated and vibed, she moans into her gag begging for help. But the Hunter just leaves  her alone to suffer and endure the brutally tight ropes and cords as the vibrator begins to relentless work. Soon Luna is moaning in pleasure despite the painfull bondage as the vibrator works her pussy over. She can feel an oragsm building up inside her, she pulls deperately at the ropes but that just pulls the crotch rope tighter and the head of the vibrator pressing tighter against her pussy. She screams through her gag as an intense oragasm explodes in her pussy. She screams for help into her gag but there is no one to hear her screams. The first orgasms begins to subside but she can already feel another one being coax by the relentless vibrator

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