Desperate struggle for the keys to her handcuffs

74 photos; 8:06 video


bondage, damsel in distress, handcuffs, MILF, shiny, high heels, upskirt, sunglasses, outdoor bondage, cuffed elbows, struggling, ball gag, gagged girl, post tied, escape attempt, escape challenge, BDSM


The Hunter has Gigi out by her pool cuffed to a steel post. Her wrists and elbows are locked together behind the post in steel handcuffs and a big white ball gag is jammed between her teeth. Gigi struggles desperately at the post, pulling at the tight steel cuffs but there is no way to slip free. She cirles the post looking around for anything to help when she sees that he has left a set of keys laying on a small table nearby. Gigi lift her foot and stretches her bondage as far as the steel cuffs allow trying to reach the keys with her stiletto heel. But the table is just out of reach so she stretches more and manages to hook the toe of her shoe under the table. She slowly drags the table closer to her then when she is able to reach the keys with her stiletto heels she attempts to slip her stiletto heel into the key ring and lift the keys to her hands. After a few attempts she finally manages to hook the key ring on her heels and slowly moves her foot up to her hands. But the key ring slips off her heel before she can grasp it, Gigi moans and sighs into her gag as she sees the keys fall onto the stones at her feet. She takes a breath then strecthes her foot out again to try to drag the keys closer to the post. Then she once again attempt to hook the keys on her slender stiletto heel. It takes a few frustrating tries before she manages to hook the keys. But once again the keys slip off her heel before she can get them to her hands. Gigi then realizes she needs to think of a better way, the key ring keeps slipping off her heel before it get to her hands. She looks down at the table and drags it closer to her hands with her foot. Then she struggles to hook the key ring back onto her stiletto heels. After a few frustrating attempts she finally mangages to hook the keys on her heel and slowly raises them up to the table top. She is able to drop the keys on the table. She then searches blindly with her cuffed hands behind her back for the keys. Gigi finally manages to grasp the keys in her hands. Half the battle is donw now she has ot try to find the key hole for her handcuffs and try to get the key into the hole. 

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