Strict reverse prayer, frogtied bound orgasms

133 photos; 12:08 video

~Lil Red Girl~

bondage, damsel in distress, bound orgasms, shiny, over the knee boots, upskirt, stockings, reverse prayer, frogtied, struggling, ball gag, gagged girl, crotch rope, wand vibrator, forced orgasms, BDSM


The Hunter drags his petite British captive, Red, into the lair, her arms twisted up and bound behind her back in an evil reverse prayer and a big black ballgag is jammed between her teeth, spreading her jaws painfully open. He leads her over to a steel pipe frame and forces her to kneel on the floor. He grabs more rope and frogties both her legs so that the stiletto heels of her shiny over the knee boots dig into her ass. More rope is then wrapped around her arms just above her elbows and pulled tight, forcing her elbows close together at the small of her back and pushing her hands up high between her shoulder blades until her finger tips are at the base of her skull. Red is turned with her back against the pipe frame and her ropes tied to her knees are pulled to the side upright pipes. Red's legs are spread wide apart held by the ropes. The Hunter then ties a wand vibrartor between her legs. The head of the vibrator is pressed up tight against her pussy. Poor Red yelps into her gag as he turns the vibrator on and her pussy stimulation begins. More ropes are tied to the vibrator then to her legs to keep it centered on her pussy. Red is already moaning into her gag as her pussy is over stimulated, the Hunter tells her that he will return in a few hours and to enjoy herself. Red screams begs and cries into her gag as she watches in disbelief as the Hunter leaves her alone, bound, gagged and helpless with the damned vibrartor working over her pussy. Red pulls desperately at the ropes as her first of many orgasms build up inside her, she screams into her gag as she cums hard but she can barely move. Red moans and cries through her gag as the vibrator continues in insidious work, she can already feel another intense orgasm building up inside her.

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