Cuffed to the chair for titty torment

78 photos; 9:14 video

~Adara Jordin~

bondage, damsel in distress, handcuffs, cuffed elbows, chair tied, thumbcuffs, chains, shiny, high heels, upskirt, fishnet pantyhose, struggling, ball gag, gagged girl, nipple clamps, breast vacuum pumps, tit torture, BDSM


Hapless blond Adara sits in a chair with a big red ball gag jammed between her teeth. Her arms are locked behind the chair with steel handcuffs locked around her elbows and wrists and her thumbs are cuffed together. Her legs are spread with her ankles pulled up and shackled to the side of the chair with her feet off the floor. The Hunter comes in to torment his hapless prey, he begins by pressing a button on his remote, Adara can hear the whirl of an electric motor then she feels the chair she is cuffed to being lifted off the floor. The chair tilt forward as it is raised in the air, she screams in terror as the Hunter spins the chair around. She pulls desperately at her steel restraint but their is no escape. After terrorizing her in the suspended chair he lowers it back onto the floor. Adara protests into her gag as he pulls her tits out of her shiny satin blouse and attaches nipple clamps to her big exposed nipples. Adara screams and cries into her gag as the clamps crush her poor nipples in their steel jaws. He ties a rope to the chain between the clamps then runs the rope across the room and runs the rope through an eye bolt on the wall. The rope is then run back an tied off the the chain attached to the chair that run up to the overhead pulley. Adara's nipples are pulled and stretched by the steel clamps and any move she makes causes the chain attached to the chain to move which pulls the clamps tighter. The Hunter comes back later with a set of breast vacuum tubes. As Adara begs and pleads through her gag he removes the nipple clamps and attaches the vacuum tubes to her tits. Adara looks down in horror as her breast are sucked into the tubes. The Hunter ties the rope to the vacuum tubes and then runs the rope to the eye bolt. This time he ties a heavy gallon of paint to the end of the rope. The weight of the paint pulls and stretches her poor tortured tits, Adara pulls desperately at the steel cuffs but there is no escape and no way to save her poor tits from their abuse.

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