The tables are turned on the German rope bunny

125 photos; 13:36 video

~Noav Pink &  Afsansa Kink~

bondage, damsel in rope bondage, shiny, over the knee boots, leather mini skirt, upskirt, struggling, ball gag, gagged girls, post tied, on screen tying, crotch rope, tied elbows, hogtied, BDSM


Pretty German tourist Afsana walks into the lair and finds her good friend Nova tied to a steel post. Nova begs her to please untie her by michievious Afsana instead grabs some of the rope lying around and begins to tie poor Nova even tighter. She wraps some rope around Nova's upper arms and ties them tightly together behind the post, Nova continues to beg her to stop playing around and untie her before the Hunter returns. But Afsana desides to gag her friend instead. She grabs a big red ball gag and jams it into Nova's mouth and straps it in tight. She grabs more rope and ties a crotch rope between Nova legs and buries it deep in her pussy then wraps more rope around her shoulders, chest and arms pinning her shoulders to the post. Afsana doesn't hear the Hunter come in and is suprised to see him. The Hunter grabs some ropes and grabs Afsansa and ties her wrists tightly together behind her back. Afsana sobs and cries as he pushes her to the floor then crosses and ties her booted ankles tightly together. More ropes are wrapped around her upper arms then he slams her elbows together behind her back. With her elbows touching he ties them tightly together. Afsana bitches and complains about the tight ropes so he stuffs another red ball gag into her mouth and straps it in tight. Nova is able to slide down the post and sit on the floor as she watches her friend being tightly bound and gagged. The Hunter finishes binding Afsana by hogtying her then he returns to poor Nova. He begins to untie her wrists and tells her that once she is free she can have her way with her kinky friend Afsana who is struggling helplessly hogtied on the floor nearby. The Hunter frees Nova wrists and leaves her to finish untying the other ropes around her body as Afsana begs and pleads through her gag for help.

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