The thin leather cords sliced deep into her pussy weighed down with two gallons

76 photos; 8:16 video

~Bailey Paige~

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Petite Bailey struggles with her wrists bound with thin leather cords behind a steel pole. A big red ball gag is pushed deep in her mouth and strapped in tight. Bailey twists, turns and pulls at her wrists in a desperate attempt to get free. But the cords just bite deeper into her wrists, rubbing them raw, there is no escape. The Hunter comes in with more leather cords and secures her to the post with the cords wrapped throat and arm pits with her bound hands pulled down and lashed behind her head. He ties another cord around her tiny waist then pulled it down between her legs and up through the cord around her belly. Bailey can only watch helplessly from the post as he pulls up a ladder and runs a rope through an overhead pulley. He ties one end of the rope to her end of the leather cord running through her crotch and ties the other end of the rope to two gallon cans of paint that rest on an old steel drum. She watches in horror as he balances the paint cans on the edge of the drum. He comes over to her and begins to tickle her arm pits, Bailey struggles not to move as the paint cans wobble and tetter on the edge of the steel drum. But the tickling is too much for her to remain still and she jerks her body causing the paint cans to fall off the steel drum. Bailey watches as they fall to the floor only to be caught by the rope, the rope jerks tight with the weight of the paint cans causing the thin leather cord to slice deep in her pussy. Bailey screams and cries in pain as the thin leather cord cuts deep inside her pussy. The Hunter laughs at her plight and has her beg him to please lift the swinging paint cans. He lift the paint can up and places them back on the steel drum but once again leaves them precariously balanced on the edge of the steel drum. He moves the drum back further forcing poor Bailey to arch her back and stretch her tiny body away from the post she is tied to. He walks back to her but the strain is too much for poor Bailey, she moves causing the paint cans to fall again, jerking the leather cord buried in her pussy tight. She screams begs and cries through her gag but the Hunter leaves her alone to suffer tied to the post.

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