Chicken winged & breast bound in tight steel cuffs

114 photos; 8:07 video

~Lexi Lane~

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Pretty neighbor girl Lexi struggles in the lair with her elbows locked together behind her back in steel cuffs. The cuffs are tethered to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley and a big red ball gag is jammed between her teeth to keep her quiet. Lexi looks up and follows the chain up through the pulley with her eyes and sees the chain running down to an electric hoist. There is a remote attached to the hoist hanging on a hook on the wall. Lexi struggle to reach for the remote with her flailing hands in hopes of lowering the chain and freeing her cuffed elbows from the chain and hopefully escaping the lair. But the remote is just out of reach from her outstretched fingers. The Hunter returns with more cuffs and sees her futile escape attempt. He locks a set of handcuffs around her wrists to restrain her hands behind her back then a set of thumbcuffs are clamped down around her thumbs. A set of legs shankles are locked around her ankles with the chain between the shackles run through a ring mounted on the floor. Lexi begs and pleads through her gag as he pulls her big tits out of her shiny party dress. He grabs another set of leg shackles and wraps the cuffs of the shackles around the base of each of her big tits. He clamps the cuffs tight around the base of her breasts, the cold hard steel bites deep into the soft flesh around her tits, causing them to swell and bulge. The chain between the cuffs is run up around the back of her neck. Lexi looks down at her poor bound tits as they swell up like two ripe melons. The Hunter then unhooks the chain hanging down from the pulley from her elbows then runs the chain between her cuffed wrists and thumbcuffs. He pulls the chain up her spine and attaches it to the chain around the back of her neck that is attached to her bound, throbbing, cuffed tits. The Hunter presses the button on the remote and Lexi can hear the whirl of the electric motor and can feel the chain run up between her cuffed wrists tighten. Lexi's wrists are pulled up her back, causing her elbows to jut out from her back as the chain attached to her swollen breasts is pulled back. Lexi's tits are pulled and stretched up as her wrists are pulled up higher behind her back until the palms of her hands are touching her shoulder blades. Poor Lexi can barely move with out pulling and stretching her poor tits but the Hunter isn't finished with her. He pulls out a set of steel nipple clamps, Lexi begs, sobs and cries through her gag pleading for him not to attach them to her swollen nipples. But he callously ignores her pleas and attaches the clamp to her poor swollen nipples. Lexi groan and cries into her gag as her poor swollen nipples are crushed in the jaws of the clamps. The Hunter leaves her alone to suffer her tight steel bondage.

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