Buxon German girl stretched up onto her toes by her brutally bound tits

71 photos; 8:02 video

~Nova Pink~

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Busty German tourist Nova sits on the floor in the lair with her ankles crossed and bound in a lotus tie, her wrists are tied behind her back and tethered to a ring mounted on the floor and a big red ball gag is jammed between her teeth to keep her quiet. Nova struggles helplessly on the floor not knowing what the Hunter intends on doing to her. When the Hunter comes in he grabs more rope and immediately wraps it around her upper arms and slams her elbows together behind her back. The rope is wrapped tightly around her upper arms, crushing her elbows together then cinched tight. After her elbows are bound her pulls her huge tits out of her satin dress and wraps more ropes around her rib cage, framing her big tits in rope.  The ropes are cinched between her big tits then he begins to wrap the ropes around the base of her breasts. Nova groan and cries through her gag as the ropes are tightly wrapped around the base of her big tits. The rope bite deep into her soft flesh around the base of her tits, causing them to swell and bulge as the ropes are wrapped tighter and tighter with each wrap. Once her tits are brutally bound and swollen like two ripe melons he frees her bound wrists from the ring on the floor then unties her ankles. Another rope is looped around each of her already bound and swollen tits with slip knots then he pulls Nova to her feet. The slip knotted rope is pulled up above her head and attached to a hook hanging down from an overhead pulley. The chain is attached to an electric hoist. The Hunter presses the button on the electric hoist, Nova can hear the sound of the electric motor and sees the rope tied to her tit being pulled taut. She screams, begs and cries into her gag as the rope is pulled tighter and tighter, pulling and stretching her brutally bound tits until she is forced up onto her toes. Nova begs and pleads through her gag as the Hunter leaves her hanging by her trobbing bound tits as she dances on her toes looking down at her poor stretched throbbing tits.

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