Bound & gagged she tried to escape into her bedroom

113 photos; 10:02 video

~Whitney Morgan~

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Hot sexy blonde Whitney arrives home unaware that the Hunter is lurking behind the door ready to pounce. As Whitney closes the door behind her she turns and sees him but it is too late. He garbs her and clamps his meaty hand over her mouth and pins her arms behind her back and drags her into the house. He sits on the sofa and pushes her down between his powerful legs, he locks her flailing arms behind his legs. Whitney watches helplessly as he pulls rope and tape out of his pocket and tells her to keep quiet while he ties her up. Whitney struggles desperately between his legs as he pulls out a pair of her soiled panties that he tells her he found in her laundry. He balls up the panties and stuffs them into her mouth. Once her mouth is packed full with her panties he grabs the roll of black tape and pulls it between her lips. The tape is wrapped around and around her head sealing her mouth shut. Once poor Whitney is tightly gagged he pulls out some rope and wraps it around her upper arms. She groans into her gag as her elbows are slammed together behind her back, the ropes are then wrapped and cinched tightly crushing her elbows completely together. With her elbows fused together he wraps more rope around her wrists and ties them tightly together. With her arms helplessly fused behind her back and her mouth cruelly gagged he pulls her to her feet and begins to grab and grope her inspecting his captive. Whitney struggles in his grip and seizes a chance to escape as he turns her around she knees him in the groin. The Hunter falls to the sofa in howling in pain as she turns on her heels and runs for her bedroom. She slams the door behind her and braces her body against the inside of the door. Whitney grabs the door handle with her bound hands to keep him from turning the knob. She hears him come up to the door and knocks gently at the door telling her to open up and he will untie her. Whitney of course doesn't believe him and presses her body tight against the door. She can feel him trying to turn the door handle so she grips it tighter. But he is stronger then she is and is able to turn the handle and begins to push on the door. Whitney screams in protest into her gag as she feels him pushing harder and harder, her stiletto heels slip on the tile floor as she fights desperately to hold the door shut. The Hunter manages to get his foot in the door and then his arms. Whitney sees his hairy arm reach inside trying to grab her, she ducks and dodges his arms but in doing so she looses her footing and her heels slip and slide on tiles as the door is pushed open. The Hunter slips inside and grabs poor Whitney, he tosses her up onto his shoulder and carries her back to the sofa. He drops her on the sofa and grabs her legs and more ropes. He wraps the rope around her booted ankles and ties them tightly together. He tells her that she is really a lot of trouble and he needs to leave her to get a cold drink. He pulls her to the floor and runs a rope between her bound wrists and between her bound ankles. The Hunter pulls the slack out of the rope pulling her ankles to her wrists in a brutally tight hogtie. The ropes are cinched tight leaving her helplessly hogtied on the floor. The Hunter leaves poor Whitney helplessly bound, gagged and hogtied to get himself a drink promising to return later to have some fun. Whitney struggles desperately on the floor but the ropes are tied bowstring tight, there is little she can do except roll from side to side.

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