Hoisted up onto her toes & stretched out by her brutally bound swollen tits

83 photos; 8:04 video

~Lexi Lane~

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Pretty neighbor girl Lexi struggles in the lair dangling by her bound wrists attached to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. A big red ballgag is jammed between her teeth, spreading her jaws open and keeping her quiet. Lexi body is stretched taut by the ropes and hoist, she sees the remote controller for the hoist hanging on the wall and makes a feeble attempt to try to reach it with her stiletto heel but it is just out of reach. The Hunter comes in with a spreader bar and ties it to her ankles, spreading her legs wide apart and forcing her up onto the balls of her feet. The Hunter shows her his new toy by pressing the button on the remote, Lexi hears the whirl of the electric motor and feels the ropes tighten around her wrists as she is hoisted up off the floor. She screams, begs and cries through her gag for him to lower her so her feet are back on the floor. The Hunter toys with her before lowering her so her toes touch the floor. He then pulls her big tits out of her shiny dress and wraps ropes around her ribcage, framing her big tits in the dirty white ropes. He then begins to wrap her tits in the coils of rope, Lexi begs and cries as she looks down at her poor tits as they are tightly wrapped in a tourniquet of rope. Her tits swell and bulge as she ropes slice deeper and deeper in the soft flesh around the base of her boobs. Once her tits are tightly bound and swollen like two ripe melons he wraps more rope around both of her bound, throbbing tits cinching the ropes tight between her breasts. Lexi watches helplessly as her runs another rope up through another overhead pulley and ties one end of the rope to her brutally bound swollen tits. He pulls the other end of the rope attached to her tit over to the far wall and runs it through an eye bolt screwed into the wall. He puls the rope tight forcing her up onto her tiptoes then ties the rope to the eye bolt. Lexi can barely move stretched up onto her toes and her poor tortured tits pulled and stretched. The Hunter leaves her alone to suffer in her cruel bondage.

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