The case of the stolen detenator

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Launa Lane

bondage, damsel in distress, outdoors, boots, upskirt, eye glasses, grabbed from behind, hand gagged, tied elbows, on screen gagging, cleave gag, struggling, rope, escape, bound running, recaptured, strappado, BDSM


Amatuer sleuth Launa needed a break from her studies so headed out to the forest with her binoculars to go bird watching to relax. Her solitude was disturbed when she heard a group of men in the distance. Using her binoculars she crouches down behind some palms to see what they were up to. To her amazement she sees a group of militia men in an armed camp. They were loading a truck to get ready to move. Launa had read about the dangerous militia groups in the papers, she wanted to get a better look to see what they were up to. She didn't even hear him as one of the militia men snuck up behind her. Suddenly his hand was clamped over her mouth and she is dragged back into the woods. Launa finds herself sitting on an old block with her arms cruelly bound behind her back in ropes. Her elbows are crushed tightly together and ropes cut into her wrists. The soldier is tying off the last knot around her booted ankles. She begins to question him about what is going on but he cuts her short and tells her that he will be the one asking the questions. He wants to know what she is doing out in the woods and if anyone else is with her. But Launa keeps quiet, she has to find out what they plan and keep them guessing as to why she was there. He begins to get frustrated with her obstinance and pulls a rag out of his vest and pulls it between her teeth to gag her. Launa looks around the camp to see that they are alone, the other militia men have already left, she needed to know where they went and what they had planned. Her captor pulls out his phone and makes a call to his commander. She evesdrops as he tells his commander that he has captured an intruder and that he is interrogating her now. Then she hears him say something about a dentenator as sees him look down a small suitcase box laying on the ground nearby. Launa has to see what is in the box and plan her escape. The soldier finishes his call and looks down at pretty bound Launa, he again asks her what she is doing out here and if there is anyone else with her. Then he hears a noise and tells her to keep quiet while he goes to investigate. Launa seizes her chance and struggles to her feet. Shuffling her bound feet in stiletto boots in the dirt isn't easy but she manages to get to the small suitcase and with her bound hands she opens the box. She sees a strange device inside, protected by soft foam insulation. She realizes that it is some sort of explosive device and that it is very important to the militia. Then she sees an axe nearby stuck in an old log. Perfect for cutting herself free to the cruel ropes. Launa crawls over to the axe and begins to cut herself free of the ropes. Her hands are already beginning to go numb but she manages to cut her booted ankles free of the ropes. Then using her feet and calves to hold the axe handle she begins to saw at the ropes around her wrists. She must hurry before her captor returns. Then her hands are free, now to try to work at cutting her elbows free. But that proves itself to be a difficult task. She can't quite find the leverage to keep the axe blade steady to cut the last ropes. She manages to work the gag out of her mouth while cutting the ropes but her elbows prove to be frustating. Then she hears the soldier coming back, she drops the axe and grabs the small case with the detenator and runs into the woods with her elbows still crushed tightly together behind her back. She runs blindly into the woods to try to put as much distance between herself and the militia man as possible. She can hear him curse in the disatance when he discovers her pile of cut ropes and the missing dentenator. Launa knows he will be in pursuit and that she needs to find her way out of the forest to find help. Minutes pass as she runs down the path, her arms flailing uselessly behind her back but she keeps her grip on the case. She can't let them get the dentenator back for their nefarious plans. She is exhausted and her hands are growing numb, she doesn't know how much longer she can keep her grip on the case so she decides she needs to hide it in case she is recaptured and before her hands go completely numb. She finds a clump of palms and drops the case into the foliage and using her feet she buries it under some debris. Now with her hands free she continues her escape into the woods. It doesn't take long before she is exhausted and she needs to take a break to catch her breath. Her shoulders ache and her hands are losing sensation from having her elbows bound so tightly together behind her back. She needs to find help soon or at least find a way to free her elbows from the tight ropes. Then she hears a noise in the woods and struggles to her feet and flees again headlong into the woods on pure adrenaline. But it doesn't take long before her adrenaline rush subsides and she is again stumbling exhausted through the woods. She doesn't even see the snare hidden under some leaves until it is too late and the rope cirles her booted ankle and she crashes to the ground. The rope snare was attached to some branches and when she sprung the trap the rope was pulled up high lifing her foor and leg off the ground. Launa rolls around helplessly on the ground with her ensnared leg lifted high. She pulls helplessly at her arms but her elbows are still cinched tightly together, if only she had her arms free she could easily free her booted ankle from the . She tries to free herself from the with her other foot. Launa pushes on the rope with her free foot in a desperate attempt to get free. Using her stiletto heels she tries to work her heel into the knot. But all hope is lost when she looks up to see the soldier standing over her gloating about her walking into his snare. He frees her foot from the snare and pulls her too her feet. He interrogates her as then walks back to the camp, demanding to know what she did with the detenator. But Launa refuses to talk but demands to be freed, he then pulls the gag back between her teeth and reties it tightly behind her neck. He then marches her back to the camp. He pushes her to the ground and demands to know where she has hidden their dentenator, but Launa still refused to talk. So he ties her wrists back tightly together and attaches her bound wrist to a rope hanging down from a tree branch. Her wrists are hoisted up painfully high behind her back in a cruel strappado. He then begins to threaten and interrogate her again. But Launa still refuses to talk. The militia man gets frustrated and more forceful, he threatens to get more men back to have fun with her if she doesn't talk. Scared but defiant Launa still refuses to talk. So he leaves her hanging in the cruel strappado to soften her up and tells her he will be back soon with some of his buddies and then things are going to get bad for her. Launa watches him disappear into the woods before making her move. She stretches out her nipple fingers in search of the knots tethering her wrists to the branch. She finds the knots and using her skill as a trained escape artist she manages to free herself from the strappado. She then sees the axe laying on the ground and this time she feels she has some time to try to free her arms. Using the blade to saw at the ropes around her wrists she is able to cut her wrists free. Now to get the hated ropes off her long bound elbows. She looks around to think of a way to get some leverage then using a tree to support the axe head she saws at the ropes around her elbows. To her great relief her long suffering elbows are free of the cruel ropes. She rubs her arms to get some life back into them and sees her binoculars laying on the ground. She recovers her binoculars and runs into the woods. Now to find the hiding place of the detenators and make good her escape.

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