Desperate attempt to get those damned nipple vacuums off her tits

60 photos; 9:06 video

Carmen Valentina

bondage, Damsel in Distress, shiny, upskirt, satin, over the knee boots, handcuffs, thumbcuffs, escape attempt, gagged girl, ball gag, struggling, breast bondage, vacuum pumps, BDSM


Sexy blond Carmen lies on the Hunter's table stretched out on her back with her booted ankles cuffed and chained to a set of ring mounted at the base of the table. Her wrists are locked together in steel handcuffs above her head with the chain between the cuffs pulled through another ring mounted on the table above her head. She also sports a set of thumbcuffs locked tightly around her poor thumbs. A ball gag is jammed between her teeth to keep her quiet. The Hunter comes in to tease and torment his hapless captive. He opens her shiny black satin blouse to reveal her tits. He then attaches as set of breast vacuum pumps over her nipples and turns the crank to suck all the air out of the vacuum tubes. Carmen screams and curses in protest as her poor tits are sucked up inside the tubes. He drops the keys to her cuffs on the table and tells her if she hates the vacuum tubes so much then she better free her wrists and remove them herself. Carmen screams into her gag in frustration as she looks up at the keys. She doesn't know how she is going to get them into her hands but her poor tits are already throbbing in pain from the vacuums so she struggles to get to the keys. But the thumbcuffs are keeping her from stretching her hands so she twists and pulls at her thumbs trying to wriggle her thumbs free of the cuffs. The cuffs bite into her poor thumbs but they slowly slip up her thumb until she is able to free one of her thumbs. Now she is able to maneuver her hands to reach for the keys. Carmen gets her finger tips on the keys and slowly slide them up until she has them in her grasp. Now she has to try to get the key turned to fit into the small keyhole on the handcuffs. She struggles with the key, twisting and turning her body to try to see what she is doing but in the end her escape attempt fails as the Hunter comes back and tells her that her time is up. He takes the keys away and leaves her angry and fustrated helplessly cuffed to the table with no way of getting free. Her poor tits throb in pain as she sobs and cries into her gag.

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