Weighted crotch rope predicament for the hapless duo

149 photos; 11:07 video

Whitney Morgan & Dacey Harlot

bondage, Damsel in Distress, high heels, upskirt, denim mini skirts, chair tied, tied elbows, gagged girl, panty gag, ballgagged, rope bondage, struggling, crotch rope, weighted crotch rope, predicament bondage, BDSM


Hapless party girls Dacey and Whitney sit tightly bound to chair arguing. Each girl blames the other for getting themselves in trouble. Their wrists and elbows are tied behind the chair with ropes cirlcling their shoulders and chests, pinning them to the chairs. The girls continue to bitch, complain and argue as they try to inch the chairs closer to each other in order to try to untie each other. But they don't get too far before the Hunter returns, the girls turn their ire on the Hunter so he reachs up Dacey's short denim skirt and peels her panties down her legs. He balls up her panties then stuffs them in Whitney's mouth. A big red ball gag is then pushed between Whitney's teeth and strapped in tight, with the taste of Dacey pussy soaked panties in her mouth. Then he peels Whitney's panties down her legs and stuffs Whitney's wet panties into Dacey's mouth before stuffing a ball gag between Dacey't teeth and strapping it in tight. Both girls bitch and complain through their gags as the Hunter wraps a rope around Whitney's left ankle and pulls her left foot to the side of the chair and ties it up off the floor to the chair back. He then does the same to Dacey's right ankle so that the girls have only one foot free of the ropes. A rope is next tied around each girls waist and pulled down under their asses and up between their naked pussies. The crotch ropes slice deep in their pussies. He then grabs a set of ropes hanging down from an overhead pulley and attaches the end of each rope to the girl's crotch ropes. Dacey and Whitney watch in horror as he grabs two gallon cans of paint and ties a can to the other end of each crotch rope. He then tells Whitney to lift her free foot and balances the paint can attached to Dacey's crotch rope on Whitney's foot. Then the paint can attached to Whitney's crotch rope is balanced on Dacey free foot. He leave the girls struggling to keep the paint cans from falling and jerking the crotch ropes. But they fail and soon the paint can swing freely causing the crotch ropes to saw into their naked pussies. They struggle to try to grab the swinging cans with their stiletto heels as they renew their arguing through their panty ballgags.

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