Desperate struggle to escape the evil zipties

107 photos; 9:05 video

Lauren Phillips

bondage, Damsel in Distress, big tits, shiny, satin, high heels, upskirt, self gagging, gagged girl, ball gag, ziptie bondage, on screen tying, ziptied elbows, struggling, breast bondage, ziptied tits, escape attempt, BDSM


Statueque busty redhead Lauren is lead to the sofa by the Hunter and ordered to stuff a big red ball gag into her mouth and strap it in tight. Lauren complies with his order and ballgags herself. He then orders her to get on her knees and put her hands behind her back. Lauren kneels at his feet then her binds her wrists together behind her back with shiny black zipties. He then has her get up and sit on the sofa where he zipties her slender ankles tightly together and zipties her stiletto heels on her feet. He goes behind her and wraps another zip tie around her biceps and slams her elbows together behind her back. Lauren can feel her elbows kiss behind her back as he pulls the ziptie tight. Then he wraps another ziptie around her forearms and pulls it tight. Lauren struggles helplessly on the sofa, pulling at her arms but it is hopeless, there is no way to free her arms. The Hunter trims the tails of the zipties with a set of shears then pulls her big ripe tits out of her silky satin blouse. Lauren looks down begging through her gag as he wraps another ziptie around her right breast. She bites down on the ballgag between her teeth as he pulls the ziptie tight around the base of her breast. The hard nylon bites deep into her soft flesh around the base of her boob, causing it to swell and bulge. He then binds her other breast with another ziptie leaving it swollen and throbbing as the tight nylon tourniquet slices deep into her flesh. He trims the tails of the zipties binding her breast then grabs two more zipties and attaches them together. Lauren begs and cries into her gag as he wraps the long connected ties around both of her breasts. He ignores her begging and pleading and pulls them tight around her already bound, swollen, throbbing tits. The Hunter grabs still another ziptie and wraps it around the long ziptie that wraps around both of her breasts and cinches them together between her breasts. Lauren looks down at her poor swollen tits as they throb and begin to change colors. The Hunter moves her to the floor and leaves her alone to struggle. Lauren pulls at the tight brutal zipties but there is no slack. She then notices that the Hunter left the shears on the sofa. She struggles to get the shears off the sofa by stretching her long neck and chin. She manages to get the shears on the floor and then struggles to get then to her hands. Her fingers are already beginning to go numb so she knows she doesn't have much time before she loses all sensation in her fingers and hands. She desperately tries to maneuver then shears to cut the ziptie around her wrists but she can't get them to cut. She gives up on trying to cut her wrists free and curls her legs and stretches her hands to try to cut the zipties from her ankles. She thinks that if she can cut her ankles free then she can at least get to her feet and run away. But her poor hands are going numb fast as she cuts and saws at her ankles binding with little effect.

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