Home alone & horny she dreams about bondage

76 photos; 12:13 video

Nyssa Nevers

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Hot busty Nyssa is home alone with her boyfriend out of town for a few weeks. She loves when he ties her up really tight and then torments and teases her into orgasm. She loves the feel of ropes on her body and really wants to get tied up. So she grabs some rope, her favorite ball gag and a wand vibrator and decides to tie herself up and masterbate with the vibrator. She brings her gear into the living room and sits on the sofa. She looks at her ball gag and stuffs it between her teeth. The big red ball spreads her jaws wide apart and she begins to drool. Not wanting to get drool all over everything before she starts she pulls out the ball gag and grabs some rope. Nyssa bends and begins to tie her ankles tightly together, the ropes bite deep into her ankles then she wraps the ropes under her stiletto heels and ties her shoes onto her feet. Nyssa grabs another rope and binds her knees tightly together as well. Her legs are now fused tightly together and her pussy is getting wet just thinking about having her hands tied. But with no one around the help she can't tie her own wrists. She grabs her ball gag and jams it between her teeth and straps it in tight. Then she grabs her wand vibrator and begins to masterbate, vibing her pussy. Her eyes roll back in her head as she pussy gets wetter and wetter, she cloeses her eyes dreaming about being tightly bound, gagged and helpless. She opens her eyes and finds herself now tightly bound, gagged and helplessly balltied on the floor. Her wrists are tightly bound behind her back with more ropes wrapped around her elbows pulling them close together behind her back. Ropes are tied to her elbows and run up over her shoulders and down between her knees. Her knees are pulls up to her chest and ropes are cinched between her knees and tits keeping her helplessly ball tied. More ropes are tied to her stiletto heels and then tethered to her bound wrists, pulling her feet back so there is no wriggle room. Nyssa can feel her vibrator pressing against her pussy from behind with the wand being held in place by her stiletto heels. Nyssa struggles on the floor trying to get the vibrator to vibe different areas of her pussy but the ropes hold it firmly in place there is no chance of her getting away from the vibrator. Nyssa bites down on her ball gag as an orgasm build up inside her. She wriggles and struggles against the ropes but there very littel she can do, she can't move anything much more then her fingers and head. Her ogasms build up deep inside her, Nyssa tries to hold back as she pulls at the ropes but the relentless vibrations overwhelm her and she explodes in orgasms. Her body pulls and flexes against the ropes but there is no escape. Her orgasms begins to subside but another is already building up inside her. Nyssa loses track of how many orgasms she has before she blacks out. When she awakens she finds the ropes around her arms and wrists loosened and she can wriggle free of her bondage. She twists and pulls at her wrists until the ropes fall free, she then reaches up and unstraps her ball gag and begins to untie the rest of the ropes.

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