Her poor tits bound & stretch in a hoisted chicken wing hogtie

93 photos; 8:50 video

Lexi Lane

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Pretty neighbor girl Lexi is dragged into the lair with her arms welded together behind her back in ropes. Her elbows are crushed, her forearms are fused and her wrists tightly tied. A big red ball gag is jammed between her teeth, spreading her jaws painfully open, to keep her quiet. The Hunter pushes her to the floor and rolls her over onto her belly and ties her booted ankles tightly together. He leaves his bound and gagged captive struggling on the floor as he goes to get more ropes. Lexi tries to crawl away but she can't get very far. The Hunter wraps more ropes around her shoulders then runs the rope donw her spine to her bound wrists. Lexi grunts into her gag as her arms are jerked up into a severe chicken wing, the Hunter wraps the ropes around her chest then cinches her wrists to her back to completely immoblize her arms. He once again leaves her alone to struggle helplessly on the floor. Lexi tries once more to crawl away but without the use of her arms she doesn't gag too far. The Hunter comes in with more rope and ties it to the rope circleing her chest. He then proceeds to wraps her big tits up in a tight tourniquet of rope. Lexi's poor tits swell and bulge as the ropes bite deeper and deeper into the soft flesh at the base of her tits. Once her tits are bound and swollen he then ties them tightly together with the rope wrapped around both of her bound throbbing tits. Lexi begs and cries into her gag as he then rolls her over onto her bound swollen tits. A rope is tied between her shoulders then run up over her crushed elbows and her stiletto heels are pulled up to her elbows. The Hunter then hogties her, pulling the rope bowstring tight. Lexi desperately tries to arch her back to take her body weight off of her throbbing tits. The Hunter sees her predicament and helps by attaches a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley to the hogtied rope. He presses a botton on the winch and slowly cranks the chain tight, lifting her chest off the floor. A rope is then tied to her bound tits and then tied to ring mounted on the floor. He pulls the rope tight stretching her tightly bound, swollen tits. Lexi is left sobbing and crying into her gag completely immobilized between the chain hoist and her tethered tits.

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