Hogtied & hoisted in the air

99 photos; 8:03 video

Dacey Harlot

bondage, Damsel in Distress, small tits, shiny, high heels, gagged girl, tape gag, rope bondage, tied elbows, struggling, hogtied, suspended, BDSM


Pretty Dacey struggles on the floor with her wrists and ankles tied. She rolls around on the floor pulling at the ropes in a futile attempt to free herself. But her struggles are in vain as the Hunter comes in and stuffs an old rag into her mouth the seals her mouth shut with layers of shiny black tape. Dacey begs and pleads with her eyes but the Hunter ignores her pleads and grabs more rope. He ties the rope around her upper arms, pulling her elbows close together behind her back then wrapping the ropes around her shoulders and chest. He grabs her stiletto heels and pulls her feet up to her ass, the ropes from the chest harness are run between the ropes around her stiletto heels in a snug hogtie. Dacey pulls at the ropes but there is no slack in her hogtie. She watches in horror as he lowers a hook down from an overhead pulley and attaches it to her hogtie rope. Dacey begs and pleads through her gag as she hears the electric motor of the hoist hum and feels the ropes getting tigher and tighter as the hoist pulls her chest off the floor. With just her knees on the floor the Hunter keeps hoisting her up onto her knee points then her knees break contact with the floor and she spins in helplessly in the air. Dacey sobs and creis in pain begging him the let her down. The Hunter toys her is suspended captive before slowly lowering her to the floor. Dacey sobs and cries into her gag once her chest is back on the floor, she looks up as the Hunter tells her to behave or he will hoist her up again and leave her suspended. Dacey begs and cries through her gag promising to be a good little girl, the Hunter leaves her helplessly hogtied and still tethered to the hoist.

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