Hapless neighbor girl left balltied and immobilized on the floor

84 photos; 8:08 video

Ayla Aysel

bondage, Damsel in Distress, tattoos, shiny, high heels, upskirt, pantyhose, hand over mouth, gagged girl, tape gag, on screen gagging, rope bondage, tied elbows, struggling, crotchroped, ballted, BDSM


Pretty neighbor girl Ayla struggles with the Hunter as he drags her to the sofa with her arms tightly bound behind her back. Ropes bite into her slender wrists, pinning them togehter with more rope wrapped around her elbows, shoulders and chest. His sweaty hand is clamped tightly over her mouth to keep her from disturbing his other neighbor. He pulls her to the sofa and reaches into his pocket to pull out a pair of red satin panties, he removes his hand from over her mouth just long enough to stuff the panties deep in her mouth. Her mouth is then sealed shut with layers of shiny white tape. Ayla is then pulled to her feet and another rope is tied around her tiny waist. This rope is then pulled down between her legs and bured deep in her pantyhose and panties, cleaving her pussy in two. The end of the crotch rope is then pulled up her ass and tied off the her bound wrists, pinning her hands to her ass. He pushes poor Ayla back down onto the sofa where her slender ankles are lashed tightly together with more rope then her ties her knees together. He leaves her alone to struggle on the sofa to get more rope. Ayla pulls desperately at the ropes but there is little she can do, her hands are welded to her ass and with her legs fused together there is no chance of running away. Her pitiful screams for help as stifled and muffled by the tight effective panty and tape gag. The Hunter comes back with more rope and ties a long rope to her bound knees then the rope is run up over her shoulders and tied to her bound elbows. The Hunter pulls the ropes bowstring tight, pulling her chest to her knees in a tight little ball. The ropes are then wrapped around her back and under her knees before it is all cinched tight at her chest. Poor Ayla can barely move at all now as he moves her to the floor. She sits on the floor balancing on her big ripe ass pulling at the ropes. But there is no escape, the Hunter rolls her over onto her side and leaves her alone and helplessly struggling in the ropes. Ayla sobs and cries through her gag trying to move but about all she can do is kick her lower legs a little, the rest of her body is completely immobilized.

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