Wrapped up in tape with her arms twisted up in a cruel reverse prayer

103 photos; 8:08 video


bondage, Damsel in Distress, tattoos, big tits, shiny, high heels, upskirt, pantyhose, gagged girl, ball gagged, tape gag, tape bondage, reverse prayer, struggling, hogted, BDSM


Busty raven hair Nyxon sits on a bench with her legs fused tightly together with layer of shiny black tape. Her arms are twisted up behind her back in a tight reverse prayer with more of the shiny black tape wrapped around her arms pushing her elbows close together at the small of her back and pushing her hands up high behind her shoulder blades. Nyxon struggles helplessly on the bench, twisting and turning trying to work her limbs free of the tight sticky tape. But escape is not possible, the tape is wrapped too tight. The Hunter comes in with more rolls of tape, Nyxon begs and pleads with him through the big red ball gag that is strapped tightly between her teeth. The Hunter ignores her begging and pleading and wraps tape around her ball gagged mouth to silence her, Nyxon's mouth is tightly sealed with the ball gag pushed deep in her mouth. The Hunter then begins to wrap her arms up with more tape. Her elbows are wrapped tighter pressing them even closer together at the small of her back as the tape is wrapped around her belly, chest, arms and shoulders until all that can be seen is the points of her elbows and her praying hands. Once her arms are encased in the tight shiny tape he rolls her over onto her belly on the bench and bends her legs. More tape is wrapped around her shins and thighs pulling her legs into a tight hogtie. With her legs hogtied and useless to her he wraps more tape around her arms and the bench fusing her body helplessly to the bench. He leaves her helplessly bound to the bench barely able to move with her finger tips pushed up to the base of her skull.

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