Helpless bound struggles in handcuffs then rope

175 photos; 18:02 video

Bailey Paige

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Petite Bailey struggles with her thumbs locked together behind her back in steel thumbcuffs. A shiny leather harness gag is strapped around her head holding a leather panel and a ball gag between her teeth. The top of her harness gag is attached to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. Bailey struggles desperately to free her thunbs from the cuffs and hopefully then be able to free her harness gag from the chain. But the thumbcuffs grip tight, there is no escape. The Hunter returns and pulls out more steel cuffs. He locks a set of handcuffs around her slender wrists, cuffing them together then her elbows are locked together behind her back with another set of steel cuffs. A set of leg shackles are locked around her booted ankles and the chain between the cuffs is wrapped around both ankles and before her locks the other cuff to her other ankle. Finally another set of handcuffs is locked around her forearms. He leaves poor Bailey tightly bound in steel standing with her head harness gag still attached to the overhead chain. Bailey struggles in the tight steel cuffs but there is littles she can do but slowly turn around in one spot. The Hunter returns later and asks if she needs a break from the tight steel cuffs. Bailey wants to be free of the cuffs and to get off her feet, she has been standing in her stiletto heel boots for a while. The Hunter grabs some rope and then begins to remove the steel handcuffs. He frees her elbows, forearms and wrists from the cuffs. Then he ties her wrists tightly together behind her back with soft cotton rope before removing her thumbcuffs. He frees her head harness gag from the overhead chain and has her hobble over to his table. Bailey is bent over the table where he removes the cuffs around her ankles then ties her booted ankles back together with more soft cotton rope. He then pulls her to her feet and as Bailey struggles to keep her balance in her stiletto heels with her ankles tied he wraps more ropes around her upper arms. She groans and cries through her gag as he pulls the ropes tight slamming her elbows completely together. Bailey elbows are cinched tightly together then more rope is wrapped around her forearms, just below her crushed elbows and cinched tight. He bends her back over the table and lift her legs up on the table so she is laying on the belly. A rope it then tied to the ring at the top of her harness gag and her legs are bend. The rope is run from her harness gag do her bound ankles. Pulling her head back the rope is pulled bowstring tight and tied to her ankles. Poor Bailey can't lower her head now with the top of her harness gag tethered to her ankles. She begs and sobs through her gag as the Hunter walks away leaving her helplessly bound and gagged with rope. Bailey doesn't know which is worst the handcuffs or rope they both suck.

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