Pretty neighbr girl tied up for intense bound orgasms

142 photos; 10:05 video

Dacey Harlot

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The Hunter has his pretty neighbor Dacey tied up in his lair. Her wrist are tightly tied behind her back, a big red ball gag is jammed between her teeth and her neck is tethered to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. Dacey struggles helplessly in the ropes pulling at her wrists trying to work her hands free. But the knots are too tightly tied and her wrists begin to chafe from the tight ropes. When the Hunter returns she begs and pleads through her gag for freedom. But he ignores her pleas and grabs a spreader bar and ties it to her slender ankles, spreading her legs wide apart. With her legs spread the rope around her throat tightens. The Hunter grabs a wand vibrator and sits in a chair in front of helplessly bound Dacey. He lifts her skirt and presses the vibrator against her pussy. Dacey moans and protests through her gag as her pussy is vibed and stimulated. Her legs begin to tremble and shake as her pussy get wet. Then her stops and grabs more rope, the rope is tied around her tiny waist then pulled down between her legs. He ties the vibrator to the rope then runs the rope up behind her and ties her to her wrists. Dacey's hands are pinned to her ass by the crotch rope and the more she pulls on her wrists the tighter the head of the vibrator is pressed against her pussy. He turns on the vibrator and goes to get even more rope. Dacey struggles in the rope but the more she struggles then tighter the rope around her neck becomes and the tighter the vibrator is pressed against her pussy. The Hunter goes behind her and wraps the ropes around her upper arms and pulls her elbows close together behind her back, the ropes are then wrapped around her shoulders and chests. He leaves her struggling in the ropes. Dacey can feel her first orgasms building up inside her pussy as her legs really begin to quiver. She moans through her gag as drool flows down her chin, she knows she is going to cum hard and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Finally she screams into her gag as her first orgasms explodes in her pussy, Her eyes roll back in her head and the rope around her throat tightens as she cums. The neck rope is the only thing preventing her from falling as her legs tremble and shake. As her first orgams subsides she can feel another one building up inside her. She screams into her gag for help but there no one to rescue her. Her eyes roll back in her head again as the next orgasm builds in instensity.

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