No escape from the Hunter's table

83 photos; 10:02 video

Carmen Valentina

bondage, Damsel in Distress, shiny, upskirt, satin, over the knee boots, gagged girl, ball gagged, table tied, struggling, escape attempt, BDSM


Curvy blond Carmen sits on the Hunter's table with her booted ankles spread and tied to a set of rings mounted at the base of the table. A metal spreadr bar runs through the rings and it tied to her ankles. Carmen wrists are tied in front of her and tied to the middle of the spreader bar and a big red ballgag is strapped tightly between her teeth to keep her quiet. Carmen struggles desperately in the ropes, pulling at her wrists in a febble attempt to get free. But she can't free her wrists from the bar and the Hunter comes back and decides to lay her out on the table. He frees her bound wrists from the bar then pulls her wrists up high above her head and pulls her body taut then ties her bound wrists to a ring mounted above her head. More ropes are then tied around her tiny waist and around the table then cinched to pin her hips to the table. Then rope are run across her throat and under the table to lash her head down. The Hunter leaves poor Carmen struggling to move, but the ropes are too tightly tied there is very little wriggle room. Carmen reach up with her fingers and discovers that the knots holdiing her wrists to the ring are within reach. She pries at the knots with her fingers in desperate hope of freeing her wrists and escaping the table. After some minutes of desperate struggling she manages to undo the knots and move her hands. But her wrists are still tied tightly together and the ropes running across her throat also run over her arms pits preventing her from getting her wrists to her mouth and using her teeth to untie the knots. She wriggles her wrists trying to work the ropes free. But then the Hunter returns and discovers her escape attempt. He catches her wrists and pulls them back up to teh ring where he runs the tether rope back through the ring. He grabs a heavy gallon of paint the ties the paint can to the end of the rope tethered to her wrists and hangs it over the end of the table. Carmen can feel the heavy gallon of paint pull on her wrists. She tries to pull her wrists up but the gallon of paint is too heavy to lift. She sobs and cries in despair at having her hope of escape dashed and now she is left completely helpless.

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