Steel bound escape challenge

146 photos; 15:20 video

Dacey Harlot

bondage, Damsel in Distress, handcuffs, chains, shiny, bikini, high heels, gagged girl, ball gagged, struggling, escape challenge, wand vibrator, forced orgasms, bound orgasms, BDSM


Pretty Dacey, in her tiny shiny pink bikini and stiletto heels, lays on the Hunter's table with her wrists locked behind her back in steel police handcuffs. A chain is wrapped around her waist and around her shoulders with the handcuffs padocked to the chain so that her hands are secured to the small of her back. Another chain is locked around her neck and then tethered to the wall to keep her from moving off the table or even sitting up. A set of legs shackles are locked around her elender ankles with the chain betwwen the cuffs padlocked to the chain around her waist to keep her from straightening both of her legs at the same time. A rope has been tied around her waist with a wand vibrator attached to the crotch rope keeping the head of the vibrator pressed against her pussy. The Hunter tells her that she has eight minutes to try to escape from the cuffs before the wand vibrator turns on. He also tells her that the keys to her padlocks and cuffs are hanging from a string just a few feet above her heels. Dacey looks up at the keys and wonders how she can manage to get them to her hands when she can barely move. She struggles kicking her feet and realizes that the key ring will fit on her stiletto heel if only she can reach her foot up high enough to reach it. She struggles despeately stretching out one legs and curling the other to give her the maximum reach. She can reach the keys but they swing away each time she touches them with her foot. She quickly learns to go slow and try to catch the key ring with her stiletto heel. She manages to hook the keys with her heel a few times but they slip off everytime she tries to pulled then to her hands. Dacey has to hook the keys with her stiletto heel then twist her foot to trap the keys then try to get them to her hands. Finally she mangages to get the keys to her outstrecthed finger tips but when she pulls at the key ring the string attached to the ring pulls back and the keys swing away. Dacey has to start over trying to hook the keys then get them to her fingers. And time is running out on the wand vibrator, she really doesn't need the distraction of having her pussy stimulated by the vibrator while she struggles to escape. Then time runs out and the vibrator springs to life and begins to vib her pussy. Dacey moans and cries into her ball gag in despair and pleasure, she tries to block out the senations between her legs as she struggles to get the keys and escape.

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