Buxon beauty breast bound, ball tied for bound orgasms

99 photos; 10:00 video

Amanda Foxx

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Hot buxon blond Amanda is carried into the room over the Hunter's shoulder with her hands tied behind her back and her mouth packed and sealed shut with layers of shiny black tape. He drops her onto the sofa and before Amanda can scurry away he grabs her legs and crosses her ankles over each other. Then ropes are wrapped around her slender ankles and tightly tied to prevent her from closing her legs or running away. He rolls her over onto her chest with her knees on the floor and her tiny ass wiggling in the air so he can tie her elbows close together behind her back. Once her ankles are tied he rolls her off the sofa and onto the floor Where Amanda helplessly sits with her ankles cross and her knees spread wide apart. The Hunter wraps more ropes around her shoulders, chest and arms before he pulls her big beautiful tits out of her skin tight vinyl top. Her long silky blond hair falls over her shoulders obscureing his view of her big beautiful breasts. So the Hunter ties a rope into her hair giving her a pony tail then weaves the rope around her hair before tying her long sliky blond hair to her bound elbows. Amanda poor head is pulled and craned back so she can't see what he does to her tits next, but she can feel it.  Amanda begs and pleads through her gag as he begins to bind her big tits in a tight tourniquet of rope. Amanda yelps and cries in pain as the ropes siice deep into the soft flesh around her boobs causing them to swell and bulge like two ripe melons. Once each of her maginificent breast are tightly tied and wraps a rope around both of her swollen, throbbing tits and ties them tightly together. He cinches the rope between her bound breast and then runs this rope down to her bound, crossed ankles. Amanda can barely move with her tits now tied to her ankles and her arms bound and helpless behind her back. Her begging and crying through her gag turn to protests as he pushes the head of a wand vibrator up against her pussy. He wedges the handle of the vibrator between the ropes so she can't dislodge it and turn on the switch. Amanda struggles helplessly in the ropes as the vibrator begins to work over her pussy. She desperately tries to get away from the vibrator but there is nothing she can do. Her protest turn to moans as the vibrator begins to work its magic and stimulates her pussy. Amanda pulls desperately at the ropes trying to fight off the feeling building up inside her from having her pussy vibed and stimulated. An oragsm soon build up inside her and her body tenses and pulls at the ropes but there is no escape. The first orgam explodes in her pussy causing her body to pull at the ropes but she is held fast. Her orgasm begins to subside but another one is already building up inside her, poor Ananda doesn't know how long she can last like this until her brain turns to mush.

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