Devious strappado, crotch rope, paint can predicament

87 photos; 8:15 video

Luna Dawn

bondage, Damsel in Distress, shiny, high heels, upskirt, back seamed stockings, gagged girl, ball gagged, struggling, tieed elbows, crushed elbows, strappado, crotch rope, predicament bondage, weighted crotch rope, BDSM


Hot sexy MILF Luna struggles in the lair with her arms welded tightly together behind her back with her wrists tethered to a chain hangind down from an overhead pulley. A big red ball gag has been jammed between her teeth to keep her quiet. Her bound wrists are lifted up high behind her back in a tight strappado. Luna struggles in the ropes, twisting and turning as she pulls at the ropes in a desperate attmept to break free of the chain. But her struggles are futile there is no escape. The Hunter returns and swats her ass before grabbing a spreader bar and ties it to her ankles, spreading her leg wide apart. Then a rope is tied around her tiny waist and run down between her legs and buried deep in her pussy. Luna can barely see what he is up to behind her looking out the corner of her eye, but she can feel him tying another rope to the end of her crotch rope. He then walks back into her vision and she can see him grab a gallon can of paint before walking behind her again. He taunts and teases her as he ties the paint can to the end of the rope hanging down from another pulley. With the other end of the rope tied to her crotch rope. He then balances the paint can on her ass and tells her not to move or she will upset the delicate balance of the paint can. Luna freezes in place and struggles not to move but the Hunter comes over and begins to gently tickle her arm pits. Luna fights the urge to move but she really is ticklish, she jerks in the ropes and can feel the paint can slip off her ass. Then suddenly the crotch rope is jerked tight as the paint can reaches the end of the rope and swings behind her. As the heavy paint can swings at the end of the rope causing the crotch rope to saw itself deeper into her pussy he goes over and grabs another gallon of paint. Luna begs and pleads through her gag as he grabs the swinging heavy gallon of paint and places it back on her ass. Then to her horror she can feel him place still another heavy gallon of paint on her ass and ties it to the end of the crotch rope. He balances both can precariously on her ass and stands back laughing as Luna struggles not to move again. Sweat pours down her face as she struggles and strains to keep still. But the stress of the strict strappado is too much as her legs begin to tremble and then she feels the paint cans begin to slip. She screams into her gag as the heavy paint cans fall off her ass. Then the crotch rope is jerked tight between her pussy lips as the paint cans reach the end of the rope. The Hunter walks away laughing as the heavy paint cans swing freely at the end of the rope pulling and jerking the crotch rope with every swing.

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