Busty booted bimbo tight & shiny chicken wing hogtie

104 photos; 8:06 video

Terra Mizu

bondage, Damsel in Distress, shiny, over the knee boots, upskirt, vinyl miniskirt, gagged girl, tape gagged, struggling, tieed elbows, crushed elbows, chicken wing, hogtie, chicken wing hogtie, hair tied, big tits, BDSM


The Hunter drags busty Terra into his lair with her arms fused tightly together behind her back with ropes. Her elbvos are crushed welding her forearms together with more ropes binding her wrists. Her mouth is packed with old rags and sealed shut with layers of shiny black tape. The Hunter bends her over his table then ties her booted ankles tightly together before pushing her up onto his table. Terra sits on the table helplessly bound and gag as he grabs more rope. He then flips her over onto her belly and wraps more rope around her shoulders. The shoulder harness rope is next pulled down her spine and run up between her tightly bound wrists. He jerks all the slack out of the rope forcing her elbows up and out as her wrists are pulled up high behind her back. With her wrists pulled up just below her shoulder blades he wraps the ropes around her chest and then cinches her wrists to her spine. Terra's poor arms are twisted up in a cruel chicken wing rendering them totally useless to her. The Hunter next ties a rope to her ankles and pulls her feet up to her elbows, the rope from her ankles is past between her crushed elbows and pulled bowstring tight in a cruel chicken wing hogtie. Terra bitches and complains through her gag as he ties another length or rope around her silky long hair. He then pulls her head back by the hairtie rope and ties her hair to her elbows. Terra head is force way back by the hairtie, she can barely move. He leaves her alone to suffer and endure his cruel chicken wing hogtie.

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