Please tie me up Uncle Jim, I like it really, really tight

138 photos; 11:06 video

starring Vesper Luna
bondage, damsel in distress, over the knee boots, shiny, upskirt, rope, on screen tying, tied elbows, chicken wing, crotch rope, hogtied, on screen gagging, tape gag, gagged girl, struggling, BDSM
Pretty Vesper loves when she can spend the weekend with her Uncle Jim, he always spoils her rotten. But what she really loves is the secret game they play, Vesper discovered at an early age that she loves being tied up really tight. And when she found a bunch of old bondage magazines in her uncle's closet she was so excited that she couldn't contain herself and told him her secret love for bondage. Since then the two of them spent nearly every weekend together with Vesper spending most of the time in strict, tight bondage. This was her birthday weekend and she just loved the new shiny red over the knee boots her got her for her birthday. Vesper couldn't wait to get tied up in them as she dances into the living room all excited with her arms full of ropes and a roll of red tape to match her new boots. But of course Uncle Jim has to make her beg as he sits on the sofa watching TV and tells her maybe later, because he is a little tired. Vesper pouts and stomps her stiletto heels holding out the ropes, she knows the game and loves him even more for it, as she threatens to tell her mom if he doesn't tie her up. Vesper claps her hands and grins ear to ear as Uncle Jim takes the ropes and tape then asks if she has some mouth stuffing. Vesper reaches into her crop top and pulls out an ball up bandanna. He tells her to turn around her then pushes her elbows together behind her back. Vesper sighs in releif as she feels the ropes wrap around her upper arms making her elbows kiss behind her back. He then begins to tie her wrists together as Vesper begs him to make it tighter. Vesper pulls at her arms savoring the feeling of helplessness as he grabs another long rope. This rope is wrapped over her shoulder and then run down her spine and pulls between her wrists. Vesper now has butterflies in her belly as he pulls her arms up into a strict chickenwing. He cinches her bound wrists to her spine with ropes circling her tiny belly with her bound elbows jutting out from her back at a 45 degree angle. She watches in fascination as he ties her booted knees tightly together. Then a rope is tied to her rope cicling her belly and pulled down between her legs. Vesper moans in pleasure as the crotch rope is buried deep in her pretty red lace panties, splitting her labia in two. She loves the feeling of rope slicing deep in her wet pussy as he runs the end of the crotch rope around her bound wrists. Uncle Jim sits on the sofa and pulls his pretty neice into his lap and grabs more rope. Vesper looks down at her new shiny red boots as he ties her booted ankles tightly togehter. She looks at him with admiration and love as he ties off the knots and then rolls her over onto the floor. Vesper loves a good tight hogtie but really loves with her attaches her ankles to her crotch rope allowing her to pull the crotch rope deeper and tighter into her pussy. She looks up helplessly from the floor, she can barely move in the strict chicken wing hogtie as asks if he has forgotten something. Vesper pouts and tells him that he forgot to gag her. Jim balls up the bandanna and asks her how long she wants to be left tied up. Vesper answers, "all weekend silly" then he stuffs it in her mouth then seals her lips shut with layers of the shiny red tape wrapped around her head. Pretty Vesper pulls at the ropes satified that there is no slack, she is totally helpless. Uncle Jim tells her that he needs a beer and will be right back but Vesper's eyes are already rolling in the back of her head as she begins to relax and enjoy the feeling the super tight ropes slicing deep into her flesh. She nevers feels as save, secure and loved as when she is helplessly bound and gagged by her favorite Uncle.

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