Hot blond investigative reporter becomes the story

119 photos; 25:19 video

staring Whitney Morgan

bondage, damsel in distress, putting on boots, satin, boots, outdoors, hand gagged, choked-out, lift and carry, struggling, cleave gag, tied elbows, rope, bound escape, upskirt, recapture, on screen gagging, rope leash, neck tied, upside-down suspension, exposed tits, clothes pins nipples, BDSM


Hot blond investigative reporter Whitney Morgan was getting dressed when the phone rang. It was her editor, she really didn't have time to talk, she had a big lead on the serial known as the Hunter on the loose and knew he was going to try to talk her out of going it alone. She finished dressing while arguing on the phone with him she hangs up and zips up her stiletto heeled boots and heading out to her car. She drives out to the scene of the latest crime and wander through the woods camera in hand looking for the crime scene. It is a lot further and secluded then she thought and realized the mistake of wearing her fashionable stiletto boots in the forest. She finally comes upon the crime scene and ducks under the crime scene tape to get a look around. The cops have all left but she needed to get some photos anyway. She was so intent on her work that she didn't hear or see the Hunter as he crept closer and closer to her in the underbrush. He springs out of the palms and grabs her from behind clamping her hand tightly over her mouth and putting her neck in a choke hold. Whitney struggles, kicking and flailing her arms around trying to break free from his grip. But there was no escape from his choke hold as her world started spinning before going black. He lifts her limp body over his shoulder and carries her off into the forest. Whitney wakes up later that afternoon bound and gagged on the forest floor. She pulls at the tight ropes that crush her elbows together behind her back and binds her wrists. Moaning into her gag as struggles in the ropes but there was no way of getting free from the ropes pinning her arms behind her back. She then decides that maybe she can get her booted ankles unties. Whitney rolls around on the ground struggling to reach the knots around her ankles. Stretching her fingers she reaches for the knots and is able to work the knots free. Whitney struggles to her feet and looks around lost and confused as to which way to run. All she knows is that she doesn't want to be here so she runs down the path with her arms still cruelly bound behind her back. She is soon out of breath and her shoulders and arms ache from being so strictly bound for so long, and the gag is not helping her at all. She goes to a tree and rubs her face on the tree in hopes of getting free from the gag. Her spirits are raised when the gag looses it grip on her face and falls free and she is able to spit out the old rag from her mouth. She rests for a minute to catch her breath and try to get her bearings before heading back down the trail. Running in stiletto heels in the forest with her arms bound behind her back is extremely taxing on her and soon she is struggling for breath again and begins to stumble in exhaustion. She needs to rest for a minute and leans against a tree, soon her body sinks to the ground against the tree as she tries to regain her strength and get out of the forest and find help. She doesn't want to scream in case the Hunter is nearby, she doesn't want to give away her location to him. Her heart beat slows and she is able to breath normally again but her legs are still weak and wobbly, she needs to keep moving she convinces herself and struggles to her feet again and begins to stumble her way down the trail. But her luck soon runs out when the Hunter jumps her from behind a tree. Whitney as no where to run even if she had the energy. He clamps his hand over her mouth and then stuffs another huge rag into her mouth and seals her mouth shut with even more of the tight elastic wrap. He ties a rope around her neck and pulls her back down the trail by her rope leash leading her like a . She tries to resists and pulls at the rope but he is too powerful and she is exhausted, she also tries to kick at him but her resistance proves to be futile. He leads her back to his campsite and leads her over to a low tree branch. Her neck rope is tied to the tree branch with her standing bound and gagged. He leaves her there helplessly neck tied to the tree. Later she is hung upside-down from another tree branch, her arms still cruelly bound behind her back. Whitney hangs by her booted ankles completely helpless as the Hunter comes and pulls her tits out of her blouse. She knows he will never let her live and can only hope he makes it fast. But he seems to have plans for her, he pulls out some clothes pins and attaches them to her exposed nipples. Whitney yelps in pain into her gag then he gets up and leaves her hanging upside-down from the tree. She struggles helplessly in terror not knowing what he has planned for her.

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