Please untie me, I'll give you anything you want

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~Luna Dawn~

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Hot busty Luna still can't believe how bad her day was going. First walked in on a burgular and not only did he rob her he left her tightly bound and gagged in her living room. It seems like hours since he left and despite her desperate struggling the ropes still hold her captive. She can feel her poor elbows bruised from being crushed together behind her back and poor wrists are rubbed raw from the chafing ropes that bite deep into her slender wrists. She looks down to see her slender legs still fused together with ropes cinched tightly around her ankles and knees. She has given up picking at the knots some time ago, the bastard super glued the knots making making untying herself an impossiblity. She shoulders ache from being pulled back and rotated with her elbows fused together behind her back. Her voice was hoarse from crying for help for so long with the thick leather gagged pulled deep between her lips no one outside these four wall could hear her anyway. Luna was about to give up all hope when she hear the door to her pool cage slam shut. She looks out her french door to see the creepy pool guy arrive and starts cleaning her pool. Luna usually avoided him thinking that he was some creep, but he did a great job with the pool so she kept him on. Now he was her only hope of salvation. Luna struggles off the sofa and screaming for help through her gag she crawls toward the glass doors. But he doesn't seem to hear her desperate muffled cries. So she begins to kick at the glass to get his attention. Finally her turns and comes over to the door, Luna cries in joy thinking that soon she will be free of this hated ropes. He peers into the window and she begs him to open the door, He opens the door and comes inside, Luna begs him to help but he doesn't seem to understand. He reaches up and pulls the leather gag from her mouth. Luna begs him to please help her, explaining that she has been robbed and left bound and gagged for hours. But instead of helping her he tells her that he doesn't want to get involved, he has a criminal past and doesn't trust the system. Luna begs and pleads with him to help, he scoops her up into his arms and moves her back to the sofa. She is desperate to get free of the ropes and will do anything. She tells him that she would be so greatful for his help that she will give him a blowjob. That gets his interest but he still seems unsure, he tells her that women lie to him all the time, they promise the world and leave him looking like a fool. He then tells her that first he get his cock sucked then they can discuss her ropes. Luna feels that she has no choice, He moves her to her knees and pulls out his cock. Luna is so desperate to get out of her bondage she takes him throbbing cock into her warm moist mouth and begins to give him head. She swallows him cock to his ball, feeling his shaft run down her throat as she coughs and gags on his dick. But she doesn't stop sucking. He sits back on the sofa to get comfortable as Luna continues to suck, lick and swallow his cock. Finally she can feel his cock begin to throb in her throat as he grab her head and throat fucks her. Her bound limbs thrash to the limits of the ropes and his hot load is shot down her throat. He lets go of her head and she lift her head, cum and drool flow from her mouth as she begs him to please untie her now. But he tells her that it really is his policy not to get involved, he pulls her gag up from her throat and pushes it back between her teeth. Luna curses and swears at him as he pulls up his pants and leaves. Luna rolls onto the floor in defeat with her face covered in his cum still tightly bound and gagged. She can't believe he could leave her like this.

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