Tall leggy Dominatrix tied to a chair with a single length of heavy gauge rope

83 photos; 8:53 video

~Sablique Von Lux~

bondage, DiD, rope bondage, shiny, high heels, silk blouse, fishnet stockings, gagged girl, tape gag, tied elbows, crushed elbows, struggling, tied up, chair tied, BDSM 


Tall leggy dominatrix Sablique has a bet with the Hunter that he can't tie her up with just one length for rope that she can't escape from. The Hunter has excepted her challenge now she finds her elbows crushed together with a long section of heavy gauge rope wrapped tightly around her upper arms. He has packed her mouth and sealed it shut with layers of shiny tape to keep her humble. Sablique struggles with him trying to get away as he pulls her over to a chair by the long rope attached to her elbows. She is pushed into the chair where he commences to bind her to the chair. The rope is wrapped around her shoulders, chest the chair pinning her upper body to the chair. The rope is then woven down her arms and wrapped tightly around her slender wrists. He pulls her stiletto heels under the chair and the ropes is run from her now bound wrists down to her feet. He wraps the ropes around her ankles and heels then the rest of the rope is pulled up to the back of the chair and tied off. Sablique struggles in the chair and realizes too late that she is completely helpless with only the toes of her stiletto heels touching the floor. The Hunter starts the clock and leaves her alone for five minutes to try to escape. Sablique pulls and strains against the ropes but her struggles are futile. After her time is up the Hunter comes back to see that she is still helpless but sees that she has worked a little slack in the rope running between her wrists and ankles. He fixes that by tightening the ropes so that her feet are now completely off the floor. Sablique is ready to surrender but he tells her that there is a penalty phase and she will have to stay bound and gagged for a few more hours unless she can manage to escape on her own. He then taunts and terrorizes her by leaning the chair back and forth to demonstrate that she is truly helpless. She snorts through her gag in frustration as he leaves her alone to suffer her penalty for loosing the bet. 

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