Helpless knees to neck balltied strappado

121 photos; 8:53 video

~Mia Hope~

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Pretty Mia has decided to accept another bondage challenge from the Hunter, now bound and gagged she struggles in the lair tethered to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. Her elbows are crushed together behind her back with cinched ropes biting deep into her biceps and her slender wrists are tied, cinched and tethered to the chain. Her mouth has been tightly packed with an old rag then her mouth is sealed shut first with multiple layers of elasitic bandage covered with layers of shiny white tape. Mia tests the limits of her bondage, twisting, turning and pulling at the ropes in a futile attempt to get free. But she soon realizes that escape is impossible and she is at the mercy of the Hunter. Her comes in and sits on a chain by the winch, he taunts and teases her before pressing the button on the winch, slowly hoisting her wrists up high behind her back. Mia grunts and curses as her shoulders are twisted in their sockets before he stop hoisting. He then buttons her satin blouse and ties another rope around her slender waist. The rope is pulled down between her legs and buried deep in her matching satin panties. He runs the rope up the crack of her ass then to the wall behind her. The crotch ropes burrows deep into her pussy as her pulls it bowstring tight, making Mia step back which twists her shoulders and raises her hands up higher behind her back. Ropes are then tied and cinched around her slender ankles and knees. To insure complete helplessness on her pretty  bondage toy a rope is run up from her bound knees and around the back of her neck. Her head is pulled closer to her knees before he ties it all off. Mia is left alone to endure total helplessness, she discovers that she can barely move much more then her fingers. Mia wonders how long the Hunter plans to keep her like this but she knows this is what she requested.

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