Car trouble leads to terror

85 photos; 13:38 video

~Lena King~

bondage, damsel in , outdoors, boots, upskirt, tied up, cleave gag, escape, bound running, lift and carry, over the shoulder carry, caged, BDSM


Hot blond Hungarian model Lena decided to take a short cut to meet her girl friends in the city, but she got lost in the hills. Things got worse when her car ran out of gas. She sees a villa on a hill so she grabs an empty container and heads up the hill to hopefully find some gas. It turns out to be a long walk and she curses her choice of stiletto heeled thigh high boots for her night on the town. She is exhausts by the time she reaches the top and gets to the gate. The gate is locked so she calls out for help. When no one appears she rings the bell by the gate but still no one comes. She she climbs the stairs and enters an open gate to try to find the owners of the villa. She peers into the windows calling for help until she reaches a door. Lana knocks on the door and the door swings open. She has trouble seeing inside the dark kitchen as she stands in the sunlight. She holds the container up and asks seductively in Hungarian for some gas. She is invited inside and as the door slams behind her everything go black. She wakes up later dazed and confused on a bed. She is still dressed in her skin tight mini skirt, crop top and boots. She moans into her gag and pulls are her arms, but they are held behind her back. She then realizes that there are tight ropes binding her wrists behind her back, more ropes circle her chest and shoulders pinning her upper arms to her back. She looks down to see her booted ankles tightly bound and she feels the tight elastic bandage pull the corners of her lips back gagging her. Frightened and confused her heart races and her adrenaline kicks in. She must some how get free and get out off there before the brute that tied her up returns. She struggles on the bed pulling desperately at the ropes. But she is well tied and there is no way to free her arms, but she is able to bend her knees and with outstretched fingers she can feel the knots around her ankles. Lena works at the knots trying to pry them free, it is difficult and she almost gives up when the knot comes free. She pulls at the ropes and is able to untie her ankles and kick the ropes free. She struggles off the bed and gets to her feet. Lena doesn't waste any time heading for the door and with her bound hands opens the door. She peers outside and sees no one around, she then begins to search the house for an exit, tip toeing around quietly as until she find a door to the outside unlocked. Lena manages to slip outside undetected and heads for the main gate. She reaches the gate but finds in bolted and locked, she realizes that she can't climb over the wall with her arms bound uselessly behind her back so she goes in search of another way out. She slips around the house and finds another gate with is unlocked. One the other side of the gate she has to climb down some stone stair and out onto a terrace. Lena sees another gate at the far side of her terraces and runs for it. But she finds that this gate is also locked. Poor Lena screams for help into her gag but her screams are muted she turns to go in search of another way out when she is grabbed from behind. Lena wrestles with the brute but he is too big and without the use of her hands she is overpowered and tossed up onto his shoulder and carried away. He carries her up the stairs and to a low wall where she sees a small steel cage. He opens the cage and stuffs her inside. Lena is curled up into a little ball inside the cage and even if her arms weren't still tightly bound she still wouldn't be able to move much. He tells her that a few hours in the hot Spanish sun should break her spirit and leaves her bound, gagged and caged to suffer in the hot sunlight. Lena sobs and cries into her gag as the hot sun beats down on her, she feels that she will never escape the crazy brute, all hope is lost.

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