Full figured neighbor girl's hogcuffed escape challenge

102 photos; 8:54 video

~Scarlett Venom~

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Sexy redheaded full figured neighbor girl Scarlett has accepted the Hunter handcuffed escape challenge. She didn't realize that he would cheat by cuffing her elbows together and locking her thumbs together in tight thumbcuffs. So with her wrists, elbows and thumbs cuffed tightly together behind her back and her booted ankles tethered in leg shakles he leads her into the living room. She drools through the big red ballgag jammed tightly behind her teeth as he dangles the handcuffs keys in front of her. She snorts and protests through her gag defiance for a moment, annoyed that her elbows and thumbs are cuffed together but he informs her that she will remain restrained in her steel cuffs all day if she doesn't try to escape. He helps her to her knees then padlocks the chain between her leg shackles to the chain between her cuffed wrists. Now helplessly hogcuffed SCarlett looks looks up as he dangles then drops the keys on the floor. Scarlett wriggles and stretches her fingers behind her back as she searches for the keys. But she can't quite reach so she sinks onto her hip then rolls over onto her belly. The keys are by her face as she struggles to move them with her nose, chin and cheeks. Scarlett wriggles and twists, stretching her bound hands around her body desperately searching for the keys. She screams through her gag in frustration as the keys elude her grasp. Finally after some struggles she manages to grasp the keys and then tries to feel for the handcuff key with her finger. The Hunter taunts and teases her about not have full use of her thumbs. But Scarlett is defiant and refuses to give up. She drops the keys and has to search for the again but now her time is running short. The Hunter helps her out a little by putting the padlock key into its key hole. After a bit more struggling she is able to turn the key and free her wrists from her ankles. But now she needs to find the handcuff key and then find the keyhole on the cuffs. Now free of the hogcuff she is able to struggle back up onto her hip then onto her ample ass. She looks up with pleading eyes frustrated that she can't find the keyhole. The Hunter pulls the ball gag out of mouth to let her talk. Scarlett isn't amused and demands that he free her now.

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