Leggy Dominiatrix craves the feeling of super tight bondage

107 photos; 11:52 video

~Sablique Von Lux~

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Tall leggy Dominatrix Sablique Vox Lux sits on a stool in the lair anxiously awaiting the Hunter. She loves bondage and the feeling of total helplessness, it is her stress relief from dealing with her petty, needy submissives. She really wants to experience tight elbow touching bondage for the first time and heard that the Hunter specialized in getting a girl's elbows to kiss behind their backs with rope. The Hunter arrives and does a quick interveiw to understand her needs. Sablique explains that it has been her dream to experience tight elbows crushing bondage for the first time. The Hunter checks her flexiblity and tells her that he could help. He has her stand and ties her gloved wrists tightly together behind her back. Sablique moans in pleasure as the ropes sliced deep into her wrists, fusing them tightly together. He grabs more ropes and wraps them around her upper arms. Sablique gasps and smiles big as her elbows come together behind her back. She tells her that she feels great and loves the feeling of the ropes biting deep into her biceps. He sits her back on the stool and fusing her long booted legs tightly together with ropes cinched around her ankles and knees. He checks the ropes around her arms and tells her that he has a trick to get her forearms fused together. Sablique is excited and starts to get wet and horny feeling totally helpless, she begs him to make it tighter. The Hunter wraps more ropes around her forearms, just below her elbows and cinches the ropes tight. Sablique is in bondage heaven feeling her elbows kissing behind her back. The Hunter pulls a chain down from an overhead pulley and attaches it to her bound wrists. He presses the button on the winch remote and slowly hoists her wrists up high behind her back. Sablique struggles to stand as he pulls the stool away and continues to hoist her arms up in a strappado. It is her first elbows tied strappado and her shoulders begin to burn as they are twisted in their sockets. He tells her that they need to work on her shoulder flexiblity next. He tells her that he will leave her alone to settle into her bondage and walks to the door. But Sablique stops her and asks him to gag her first. The Hunter grabs a ball gag and jams it between her teeth and straps it in tight. He leaves her mewwing and moaning in pleasure through her gag loving the feeling to being left totally helpless with her elbows crushed together behind her back.

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