You can't escape my lair bitch

49 photos; 11:29 video

~Lola Lynn~

with ~Katie Love~

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Busty Lola Lynn has been captured by Katie Love and brought to her freezing cold warehouse lair. Lola arms are bound tightly behind her back with black electrical tape with tape wrapped around her wrists and elbows fusing her arms together. A tight ace bandage has been pulled between her teeth and wrapped around her head with more electrical tape wrapped over the ace bandage driving her gag deep into her throat. Lola shivers in the cold dressed in a tight spandex halter top and short leather mini skirt. Her fishnet stockings do nothing to ward off the cold from her legs. Lola resists as Katie leads her out of the elevator. Katie lets her guard down for a second and Lola takes her chance tripping Katie sending her sprawling to the floor. Lola takes off running as fast as she can with her arms hanging uselessly behind her back. She runs into an old warehouse full of old arcade machines searching desperately for somewhere to hide and catch her breath. She hears Katie screaming and cursing in a threatening manner, Lola knows she that if she is caught she will pay a severe price. She finds a space behind some machines and squats down to hide. She hears the sound of Katie's high heels stiletto boots echoing as the girl approaches. Katie is really pissed as Lola tries to make herself as small as possible in her cramped hiding place. She breathes a sigh of relief when the girl passes by and waits until she is out of sight before Lola comes out of hiding. She knows she has to get out of here but the only exit she knows is where the elevator is. She sneaks on her toes trying to be a quiet as possible and hugging the old machines she makes her way back toward the exit. But Katie has set up an ambush knowing that Lola would have to return this way and jumps out and grabs poor Lola. She isn't going to take any chances this time and ties a rope leash around Lola's neck and leads her to a wall. She tethers her rope to the wall and takes out more electrical tape. She then proceeds to mummify her arms in the tape so Lola's arms are fused together from her wrists to her elbows. Katie then pulls Lola's magnificent tits out of her halter top and plays with them. She then leads Lola into a large room and stuffs her into a narrow cage and cranks the cage into the air. Katie spins the cage and toys with Lola's tits before leaving her locked in the cages promising to return later to have more fun with her.

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